Thursday 28 June 2012

A milestone

This week I reached a milestone in my weekly walks
(c) Milestone Mike

This is week 26 of 2012 and in January I set myself the goal of taking a long walk each week for the whole year.

And this week was no exception.  Walk 26/52 was through the Wyre Forest to Bewdley and through Ribbesford back to the car.  8-9 miles of loveliness apart from the steep hill in the blazing sunshine towards the end.

Honeysuckle growing in the Wyre Forest

Leaving the Nature Reserve

A Mill in the Forest

The old mill wheel


Swans on the Severn at Bewdley

Where we had lunch

St Leonard's Church, Ribbesford

Part of the steep hill

Loved this sign about 6 feet up a tree

And the best part is that in the 26 weeks I have actually done 30 long walks.

On Sunday I am doing another walk, but Roger says it doesn't count towards my weekly walks.  I am walking 3 miles (5km) around the park in Solihull as part of the Race for Life raising money for Cancer Research.  If you feel you could help by sponsoring me I would be really grateful.  You can find my fundraising page here.

Sunday 24 June 2012

Baseball Nut!

I have never heard of the ice cream which is the inspiration for week 3 of Summer of Color.  But then England isn't known for Baseball teams!  Or for putting cashew nuts in ice cream!

It does have a football team which is playing in the quarter finals of Euro 2012 as I type. (That's Soccer for my US friends).

Anyway here is the ice cream in question:

 And the description.
"A smooth, vanilla flavored ice cream swirled with a black raspberry ribbon and loaded with cashews"      -Baskin Robbins

 And here is my journal page inspired by the ice cream colours.

Wednesday 20 June 2012

Scrapbook LIfe Journal for May

As you know I have been a bit preoccupied with decorating the study and so got a bit behind with various creative projects.  One of which is the May entry for my Scrapbook Life Journal. 

I mostly ignored the prompts sent by Stephanie and so the month is a record of all the walks we took.

And because I had a spare page left for the month of May I stuck in the verse that Stephanie had sent us.

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Tuesday 19 June 2012

Summer of Colo(u)r week 2

This week's ice cream flavour for Summer of Color has been Mint Chocolate Chip.

And here is my journal page:

I tore a piece from an old map which was mostly mint green and stuck it on the page.  I put some Dylusions Melted Chocolate Ink over the top as well as some modelling paste through a Julie Fei-Fan Balzer stencil.   I also used some gesso, some white and some black acrylic paint before stamping with Archival Aquamarine ink.

I feel there's something missing so it's perhaps not finished but I can come back to it any time.

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Friday 15 June 2012


I have been missing in action this week.  No journaling, no art, no going into the dining room and creating.

However I have been creative.  I spent some time over each of 4 days tidying an area of our home office.

I then decided it was so tidy that I should decorate the room.  That's an exaggeration - I would paint the ceiling and the walls.  Wash and iron the curtains.  And maybe wash the paintwork.   So I untidied the room again.

I painted matt Almond White emulsion over silk Almond White emulsion on the ceiling and walls.  Not a very good idea.

1. Matt doesn't really go well over silk and actually I prefer silk but picked up the wrong tin in Homebase
2. Putting the same colour on top of the previous colour means you can't tell where you've painted until it's dried and then you can see all the places you've missed!!!  Which is when the room looked like a coffee and cream dalmation!   I did go back to these patches on the wall on Wednesday.

So much to my disgust, this morning I spent repainting the ceiling and the sloping wall to the left of the window.  The weather had warmed up somewhat so the paint was drying rather quickly which meant yet again it was blotchy.  However the ceiling has dried and there are no blotches.  Hooray!

We've put the furniture back except for the bookshelves which probably won't go back up until Monday.  And I am really thrilled with this clean and tidy room.

We do still have these 2 bookcases to sort out but we can do that a shelf at a time.

The problem of course is that in order to have all that clear floor and clear worktop, plus no shelves on the wall I am left with this (in our newly decorated spare room!!!)

I think I might go back to some art journaling and travel journal making before I tackle this lot.

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Thursday 7 June 2012

Rainbow Sherbet

The weather here is dull to say the least and it has rained almost all day.  Plus it looks to be quite windy.

So it was a pleasure to be working with the bright colours of shocking pink, orange and yellow which make up Rainbow Sherbet the inspiration ice cream for week 1 of the Summer of Color: Ice Cream Inspirations.

Here's the inspiration photo from Kristin's blog:

And here is my journal page inspired by the ice cream.

And a closeup

Friday 1 June 2012

Art almost Every Day in May

I have kept my Every Day Art Journal up-to-date through May although sometimes I have done several days at the same time.

As a result there were times when I couldn't remember what I had done so in this completed May calendar you can see that there are sketchy flowers.  I expect they were days when I procrastinated all day!

Here are the completed pages:

And here is my June calendar - a very simple page full of Jubilee bunting.