Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Missing inaction

Spot what I did there!  In the blog title!  The phrase should be 'missing in action'.  I have been missing from my blog but no action!  In fact, lots of inaction.  On June 8th I fell flat on my face and broke two fingers on my right hand.  I have spent the time since having various hospital and dental appointments and my hand has been trussed up like this:

It meant that I had to cancel virtually all of the workshops I was intending to be at including a three day class with Cas Holmes.   I have spent four weeks sitting resting and being waited on.  Thank goodness for Kindle Unlimited.

I decided that I would attend a planned two day workshop on colour organised by Textile Explorations.   Even if I only sat and listened!

Please bear in mind that I took the photos with my left hand!

Julia Triston was teaching the workshop.  We started by talking about colour and then naming as many colours of green that we could think of.   Then we had to paint 6 of the colours from memory.

Julia laid out all our squares and it was fascinating to see how we each perceive colour and also the difference different media makes.

Then we moved on to making true primaries with whatever media we had brought with us.

We talked about warm and cool colours and made collages from torn magazine papers.

There were more exercises to do from these collages but I didn't manage to get them done.  And I was pretty exhausted having got this far.

Next day we looked at the proportion of colours in an image of our choosing.  Then Julia suggested we did a thread wrapping of those proportions but I did mine with paint chips instead.  Fortunately Julia helped me with the cutting and sticking.

Then we made a collage in the exact proportions of the original image.

At this point I should have continued with an exercise in fabric but stopped.  I was pleased that I managed as much as I did.

I hope to finish the exercises once I have the use of my right hand.  And I will return to regular blog posts.  Typing with my left hand only is tiring and laborious.

Thanks for joining me today.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Alll about May

The month of May has gone past all too quickly.  My EveryDay Journal was mostly ignored and I never got into the theme that we had proposed to the Facebook group.

Here's the monthly calendar.

I have been contemplating whether to change my Word of the Year from Gratitude to Joy.  We had a visiting speaker at church who spoke on The Importance of Joy.  This is the page of notes that I made afterwards.

For our wedding anniversary we had spent a couple of days away and I had done this double page journaling as soon as we got back.

On the first day of June I went through my journal to finish off May.   I had left blank pages to use for artwork based on the them of the Holy Spirit, but as I said earlier I had not done anything.  So I went back through the information on the to-do pages and printed out photos of the textile work I had been doing that week.

I wrote a blog post for the church blog which hasn't been published yet so I have hidden it in this photo.  I put a copy in my journal to remind me to act on the challenge I have set in the blog post!

And here is the monthly page for June.  It's a piece of scrapbook paper that I have been stroking for a long time and thought I really ought to use.

Thanks for joining me today.

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Saturday, 2 June 2018

Cut up and put back together

Remember all those bits of fabric from my last post Monochrome Mark Making?    Well I cut them up into rectangles and squares and machined them together.  Then I added some plain strips to edge them and join them to the next line of joined together fabric.

I cut this strip into 3 and turned the middle stripe upside down and rejoined the strips.

Here are all the strips sewn together.

And a closeup of it.  As you can see there aren't many straight seams!

And now to decide what to do with it.  It doesn't lend itself to being a book and I'm not keen on making it into a cushion (pillow for US readers!).

Anyone any ideas?

Thanks for joining me today.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Monochrome Mark Making

I have booked quite a few workshops at Littleheath Barn Studio over the summer.  These are on top of the Art Cloth course and the studio days I attend.   The most recent workshop was Monochrome Mark Making.

We started by doodling on a page in our sketchbook.

We were supplied with a wooden block each and bits and pieces to stick on to make printing blocks.

Also a piece of polystyrene.  I used mine to copy the patterns from the original doodling.

Liske supplied a choice of blue or white fabric or calico.  I used the blue fabric and calico and printed with copper fabric paint.

We used Formosul to remove colour from black fabric.

Then we were allowed to choose one other colour  I added some darker blue to the teal to get the turquoise with the block printing.  Then I used a Thermofax Screen that Liske had designed but used the teal paint direct from the bottle.

I used the screen again with the copper fabric paint.  I didn't wash the screen between the teal and the copper so got some interesting shades.

The question now is what to do with all these samples.  I expect it will involve cutting them up and stitching them back together.

Watch this space.

Thanks for joining me today.

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Art Cloth Day 4

Day 4 report.  You can find day 1, day 2 & day 3 by clicking on the links!  Day 4 had its moments.  We worked with formosul which removes dye.  I also used fabric paints and some more thickened dye - not all of these processes were successful.   I had washed all the pieces of fabric before the workshop day which has removed all the manutex.

I used the formosul on this piece through a Thermofax screen.

In close up

I used it on this piece of fabric also

The close up

I also printed fish or birds all over these pieces of fabric using a blue-grey thickened dye.  However I had forgotten that there was no longer soda ash in the fabric so when I washed them when I got back home, the fish disappeared.  Ho hum!
Liske's photo showing fabric before I washed it!

I used the formosul on this piece of fabric using a Thermofax screen and a stencil

Then I moved on to the actual art cloths - one of them is supposed to be the practice piece but they are both working well so not sure which is the practice one any more!

I used the formosul through a screen and a stencil

I also added fabric paint.  But I forgot to iron it before I washed it so most of the paint has disappeared.  There were a lot of wavy lines and stars - although to be honest the lines were a bit too much.  Here's Liske's photo from before I washed the fabric.

The same happened with this one.

Oh well, back to the drawing board!

I also folded this piece of fabric and cut it up to make a book.  I printed on the different pages.

This will be the front cover.

And this is one of the inside pages.

I'm going to handstitch on the pages and then sew them together.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks for joining me today