Simply Create

Simply Create is about the creative process.
It is not about creating works of art or even finished pieces of anything.   You will learn how to use art materials and tools in different ways which I hope will lead you to investigate your own ways of working, build your own creative language and find your own style.

  Is Simply Create for you?

What is Simply Create? It is

  • a library of simple explanations of how to use a variety of art materials
  • a collection of PDFs and videos based in a Facebook group
  • a safe place to learn and ask questions
  • a free resource

This is for you if you

  • want to learn how to use art materials and tools
  • want to see how you can use various art materials before you buy them
  • need a refresher course in a variety of techniques
  • learn new techniques
  • want to know how to combine techniques
  • are happy to work at your own rate

This is not for you if you

  • want to learn how to sketch or draw
  • want to learn fine art techniques with acrylic or watercolour paints
  • want to paint landscapes or portraits
  • want to learn about how to paint with oils

What you will learn?

  • Lots of creative techniques and mark making
  • How to use the art materials you have stashed away
  • How to build up layers on your page or canvas
  • That you don't have to be able to draw!
  • How to build various techniques into your own style

Course Content
In the Facebook group you will find Units. Each unit is a way of keeping the various PDFs and videos together on different themes.

Here are examples of Unit content
Simply Acrylic
  • Types of acrylic paints heavy body, liquid, student grade
  • Opaque/transparent
  • Primers Using gesso, emulsion, white acrylic paint
  • Ways to use acrylic inks
  • How to make acrylic spray paint
Simply Stamp
  • How to use rubber stamps, clear stamps, and wood blocks
  • Make your own stamps – polystyrene, felt, bits and pieces
  • Using ink pads
  • Using paint with stamps

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Simply Create a course?

No. Simply Create is a collection of PDFs and videos that you can dip in and out of.

How long do I have access to Simply Create?
For as long as the group exists on Facebook

What materials will I need?

There will be supply lists provided. I strongly recommend you only use what you have already. If you watch a video and think that would be a good fit for you, then invest in new art materials or tools.

How much time will I need?
As much or as little as you have around your own commitments. As this isn’t a course there’s no element of needing to keep up.

Are the units weekly or can I have instant access to all the lessons?

You will have instant access once you join the Facebook group. New PDFs and videos will be added as I prepare them.

Do I have to be able to draw?

No. These techniques are definitely for those of us who can’t draw.

What is included?
Downloadable PDFs to keep. A variety of videos. A Facebook group.

Can I share content, videos, notes from the group with friends?
I’d rather you didn’t please. Invite your friends to the group.

I still have a question; how can I contact you?
Email me

This sounds just what I wanted. What do I do next?
Click on the link to join the Facebook group