Monday 30 October 2017

Photos for Inspiration

While I was away I took lots of photos that those who do art or craft of any kind will understand.  They are of strange and wonderful things - not at all related to the holiday in terms of memories but inform your creativity.  I have whittled them down to 24!

A rusty roof


Rusty chain on a boat


 Decaying wood


Weathered rocks that look like rust

Kauri tree bark at the Kauri Museum

Weathered rock

Fountain and its reflection


Rust on old trains

I don't know that I will ever reproduce any of these photos exactly in my work but they will inform my thinking as I work on my projects.

If you would like any of these photos let me know.  You can download them directly from the blog or email me and I will send you the better quality versions.  Blogger insists you compress the photos for uploading so are not really print quality.

Thanks for stopping by.

Friday 27 October 2017

Out & About beyond Sydney

Our last 3 days in Australia were spent at Whispering Pines, Middle Arm near Goulburn.

There was this guy there to welcome us

And his friend.

Goulburn had a Lilac festival going on over the weekend although there were no longer any lilac trees in the vicinity!

We visited the Roundhouse Museum in Goulburn where there were beautiful, but decaying, old locomotives and the remains of the Roundhouse.

A photo of a photo of what the roundhouse looked like in its heyday.

The next morning we woke up to these guys outside the kitchen window.

Roger managed to get this shot of them before they jumped away.

We went to the Bungonia National Park where Andy, Roger and I walked on what was supposedly an easy trail. Ha!

Like father, like son!  Hands in pockets!  Meanwhile I was flailing my arms in order to keep upright.

Back in Goulburn Roger & I went round Riversdale, a heritage building.  It is very odd seeing English heritage in an Australian building.

It had a very pretty garden.

Our last day was spent visiting various places on our way back to Brighton-Le-Sands.  It was a public holiday so lots of traffic about.  We stopped off at Fitzroy Falls - along with what seemed like the rest of the world.  Sadly there hadn't been much rain over the last few months so the falls weren't as full as they might have been.

Someone offered to take our photo!

This should have been the view of 2 waterfalls!

The view at lunch in Burrawang.

And a couple of the buildings in Burrawang.

We finished our day with dinner at the Hopper Juniors and then Andy took us to the airport for our flight home.

Thank you for joining me from your armchair.  I hope you enjoyed our visit to New Zealand and Australia.   There are so many photos I haven't shared with you but I hope I have given you a flavour of our trip.

Thanks for joining me today