Monday 30 January 2017

This and that!

This week's challenge in Adventures in Seeing was to be open to the unexpected.  To let photos come to us.  To let go and surrender to life as it happens.

So what happened in my life this week.  Well, unexpectedly I tidied my craft room (actually it's the dining room - and judging by the number of books it could be described as a library!)

It had got to a point where I couldn't work in there.  Actually I could hardly get in there.  The floor was so covered in bags containing unfinished projects that it was really difficult to walk round the table.  So here it is tidy:

Much of what I removed from the room went into more bags in my car.

All of this has been delivered to my church to be used in the Creative Studio we are setting up.  We have been given so much stash and once I've sorted the bags pictured and labelled the cupboards and drawers it will be ready for use.

It's been a great project to work on and I am really excited about how we are going to use the space.

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Monday 23 January 2017

Adventures in Seeing 2

Although in truth this blog post should be entitled Adventures in Seeing 1 but I shared the second exercise with you last week and today I'm sharing the first one.

The first Call to Adventure was to collect images of symbols of openness.  I didn't really want to choose an open door or an open book.

My first thought was the opening of a bud but it's winter and I thought that would be impossible.  However out in our garden there was a winter flowering shrub.

Then I was able to take this at church.

Another obvious symbol of open is a key - it unlocks doors.  I bought these keys for another project.  I just poured them out of the plastic bag and took the photo as they lay jumbled up.

Then I chose some of them and laid them out.

The other idea I had was an open umbrella.  We have some large umbrellas but I really wanted one of those large rainbow golf umbrellas.  Through a shout-out on Facebook I was able to borrow this child's umbrella which has the colour pattern a different way from the golf umbrellas.

I found some interesting patterns inside the umbrella whilst it was in the process of opening.

This week's exercise is to let the photos come to us!  To be open to the unexpected.

Come back next week to find out how I get on.

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Monday 16 January 2017

Adventures in Seeing

I am spending this year following along with a book called 'Adventures in Seeing' by Kim Manley Ort.  There are 45 activities to do with taking photographs and a Facebook group in which to share.

This week's call to adventure was to either photograph a meal including the preparation or photograph a food event eg a restaurant meal.  Well, last night Roger and I went to a Thai restaurant to celebrate Roger's 70th birthday.  Part of the adventure is to create a collection of 10 or so images.   I took rather more than that but I have whittled it down to these.

Prawn crackers that actually tasted of prawns.

The dragon on Roger's beer glass

The shadow caused by the light on an empty glass

The starter - a sharing platter

The main course with rice (that I didn't photograph)

And then photos of the lights and the patterns they made

The candle on the table

Jars on the counter as we left

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Friday 13 January 2017

Did I finish?

Yes I did!

I continued in my December Daily binder up to December 31st.

On the right one picture for each of December 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th

On the left the wedding we went to on December 30th and then just a plan for December 31st.  We watched Jools Holland but had red wine!

And on the back - drumroll please - my word for 2017

I have done One Little Word with Ali Edwards with varying success over the years.  This time when I signed up for the class I ordered the kit as well.  I thought maybe I would keep up with the class if I didn't have to think so much!

So, not only did I finish December Daily for the whole month, I have finished all of the January prompt for One Little Word.

Go me!

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