Tuesday, 12 February 2019


We decided to go to Evenley Wood Gardens to see the snowdrops.  We were sure we hadn't been there before.  Until we arrived at the village of Evenley and had the whole déjà vu experience.

Yes, we had been there in 2017.  And looking back at the photos from then, I discovered that I took many of the same photos - standing in the same spot!

The major difference was that my 2017 photos had raindrops.

So, onto the 2019 visit.

In 2017 we went to the Great Western Arms near Aynho for lunch.  This time we drove into Buckingham and had a walkabout and lunch at The Woolpack.

Another great day out.

Thanks for joining me today.

Saturday, 9 February 2019

C is for Commit

In our Living Your Word of the Year group we are using a fortnightly (bi-weekly) A-Z challenge throughout the year to help us focus on our word and live it out.

Because of the way I have made my journal it's a case of going with the flow of what background the pages have when I turn to them.

I chose Commit for my C word.

Commit?  Isn't that my word of the year?  Why, yes it is.  And I haven't done anything with the word so I thought this letter was the right time to start.

But first, I started with the February calendar.  At the end of the month I will put a photo on either side of the flap to show a couple of things I've done during the month.

I had read Valerie's Washi Tape Adventure blog post and tried out  putting strips of washi over the highly patterned page.  I wrote various scriptures in the gaps.

More washi tape with arrows!  Then I wrote a definition of commit, some synonyms and a different translation of Psalm 37:5

Thanks for joining me today.

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Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Creative Play

I have just got back from a 5 day retreat at Committed to Cloth called Unlocking the Mystery of Creative Play.  I went last year to the same course - only to find that it was totally different this year.  Partly due to the make up of the group and partly to do with my thought and design processes having moved on in 12 months.

My starting point was the theme of 'taste' for a new series of work on Senses.  I had in my head the idea of oranges and lemons and the nursery rhyme to go with it.   However as you will see from the photos it developed into a more abstract form.

I started with mark making - first trying a rubbing with a commercial stencil.

I moved on to making marks with various circular objects.

And then tried words with various tools.  I love drippage.

I cut some of the pieces up very small to make mini collages.

I played with the bits left over after I'd cut circles out.  I loved the circular mark at the bottom of this page which reminded me of the spray from peeling an orange.  I had this made into thermofax screens with 3 different sizes of the image.

I joined four A3 sheets of black card together and glued all the bits down - the circles and the bits from round the circles.

I took numerous photos of sections of the above using grey 'L' shapes.  I've just put one photo here to represent the 12 I took.

I used my new thermofax screens over the top of the large sheet.

Then I took the sheets apart and worked on the individual A3 sheets.

I looked at segments.

I played again with the 'L' shapes

The next 4 photos show the sequence of auditioning and the final cut.

Here are some of the other pieces I made.   Each of them went through the auditioning process and the cutting process before being pinned to the wall.

And then more mark making

And my final gallery displaying my 5 days of work.

In the last hour I was there I took the original sheets of mark making and tore them up and glued each of 2 pieces of paper together to make a book.  I'll do another blog post on that soon.

I don't know whether any of these ideas will make into a textile piece.  I don't think it matters really - I just had a happy creative time and that's what matters.

Thanks for joining me today.