Saturday, 21 May 2022

What I did next!

Remember this post?  About these fabrics?

Well, I sold the squarish piece on the left. I cut it up and put it in bags with other fabrics.

Then I took the piece across the top and the wide piece in the middle and cut them up into 4.5 inch squares.

I tried laying them out

Then I stitched the squares together in strips.

I joined 3 of the strips together and 2 of the strips together.  And you know me, I cut them up and inserted narrow strips.

I joined the 3 strip piece to the 2 strip piece.  I put the squares onto a piece of calico and a backing cotton.  Then machine quilted - after a fashion.  I trimmed the whole piece and added the binding.

Yesterday I spent the day handstitching the binding whilst listening to podcasts.

Thanks for joining me today.

Tuesday, 17 May 2022


It's hard to believe that another month has gone past.  This month's theme for the photography ladies has been clouds.

Here's a selection of the photos I took - mostly from my bedroom window!

The next three were taken about 7.30 in the morning where the sun had come up behind the clouds but the moon was still visible.  The photos sadly don't do justice to the sky.

And these two were from the front window.

Thanks for joining me today

Saturday, 14 May 2022

More journal spreads

A short post today.

Last month I showed you my pages up to Easter.  Here are the spreads since then.

This has been a special week.  Andy & Naomi's 13th wedding anniversary on May 9th and our 39th wedding anniversary today.  Naomi chose purple as the colour scheme for their wedding and I wore a purple dress to our wedding's evening party.  So of course I chose purple for these pages.

Thanks for joining me today