Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Advent Studies

Advent starts this coming Sunday and continues until Christmas Eve.  It's a time to reflect on the real meaning of Christmas.

Mary Brack has again set up an Advent study called Advent Words.  You can find all the information on her blog: Found on Brighton.

At church, I have been involved with a series of blog posts which starts this Thursday and takes us through the Christmas story, right through to the arrival of the Kings at Epiphany in January.  Actually all I've done is transfer the amazing blog posts and schedule them onto the church website.  Alongside the written posts, there is a series of videos for children made by our children's worker.  In addition I designed a craft activity for children with adult help.  But there's nothing to stop adults joining in.

The series of seven blog posts is called Light in the Darkness.

Thanks for joining me today


Saturday, 21 November 2020

More Sketchbook Challenge pages

I have really enjoyed playing in a sketchbook.  I haven't done all of the ideas Laura suggested but I'm happy with my progress.

Painted papers

Painted papers and some papers found in the magazine Somerset Studio

Painted papers and stencilling

A photo of Venice painted out a bit!

Photo of my textile pieces cut up and collaged in

Paper from Somerset studio, a black & white photos of Venice, a photo of a neutral bit of my textile work and a turquoise monoprint


A mixture of sources.  I love the fact that some of the paint on the left peeled off onto the right when I closed the book.  Now sealed with matt medium to be sure it doesn't move again!

The next exercise is to draw!!! Here's a couple of the photos I've taken of glass items we brought back from Venice.

Fortunately the suggestion is we start with tracing the image.  I can manage that!

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Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Negative Space

I first came across the term negative space in relation to scrapbooking.  Although mostly it was called white space which was a bit confusing because it didn't have to be white!

According to iphotography.com
Negative space is the area surrounding the main subject in a photograph which is left unoccupied. Put simply, it is the space around the object itself that helps define the positive space (or main focus). When used creatively together, negative and positive space can communicate the composition of your photograph.

Once we had agreed what negative space is, we chose it as our latest theme for Snapshot Girls.

The first few I took at the beach.

I think the sky makes and easy way to find negative space.

 The next two I'm not so sure about.  Do they fulfil the brief?

The backgrounds aren't particularly distracting, but I'm not totally sure they represent negative space.

What do you think?

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