Tuesday 25 June 2024


The thread of the latest Write Poetry was exploring voices in poetry.

The first exercise was to write a poem that featured descriptions of a voice or voices.  This was inspired by the poem Voice by Ann Sansom.


Don’t use that whine-y
twist-me-round-your-little-finger voice.
It won’t get you anywhere. 

Don’t use that sulky
brattish tone with me.
It will get you nowhere. 

Don’t roll your eyes at me
uttering ‘mother’ in that uppity tone.
It will get you nothing.

Don’t bat your eyelashes at him
hoping your father will give in
to your pleading tones. 

What happened to please and thank you,
to pleasant speech and loving words?
They can get you everything. 

I didn't do the second exercise about writing in someone else's voice because I couldn't think of anything.

The third exercise was based on Answer to a Child’s Question by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.  In this poem we were to imagine what a bird, animal or plant might say.  I'm not sure I hit the brief but I'm happy with what I wrote.  And that's all that matters in the end.


It’s sunless here, below the surface
moving the earth to form
a passageway. Eyes blind in the darkness.

Senses on high alert
in case an earthworm or a slug
falls into my earthwork trap.

The soil, aerated by my efforts
as I live my subterranean life,
lies unappreciated by those above.

The thuds and gasses show
their displeasure as I pursue
my dark journey underground. 

I hope you enjoyed today's words.  Thanks for being here

Saturday 22 June 2024

Maps & More update

This year's Textile Explorations at Littleheath Barn Studio has come to an end.  Over the past 9 months I have shared various aspects of Maps & More.  Today I have put most of it together.

Firstly, there's the cover to my sketchbook.

8" square sketchbook

Sketchbook cover using one of the samples I made on the back

Some pages from my sketchbook

Colour mixing dyes

I've included photos of my finished pieces.

And here they are so you can see them


The square books aren't finished.  The peach one needs some stitches. The blue one will have small fabric collages and some stitches.

I am going to leave the rectangular book as it is and use it as a sample for a workshop I'm teaching next month.

Thanks for being here today.

Tuesday 18 June 2024

Choose One Shape

The theme this month for our photography ladies group was to 'Choose One Shape'.  I chose the Quatrefoil.

I know!  Bizarre, but there you are.  Here are a selection of the photos I took.

Thanks for being here today