Tuesday 2 July 2024

Paper Play

Yesterday I spent the day at Littleheath Barn Studio doing a workshop called Paper Patchwork, Pockets & Pleats taught by Jennifer Collier.

We started by making paper versions of the Cathedral Windows patchwork/origami folded shape.

The centres were stitched down and the paper was scored and turned back on itself.  And finished with a button.

I machined stitched two papers together.

I also tried pleating with the sewing machine which I added to the papers above, with an added piece of wallpaper.  I had made a brown paper square and added another square to the 3 I had already joined together.

I may do some more hand stitching and possible cover up the green with paper that matches the wallpaper better.  I'll show it you if I do!

Thanks for being here today

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  1. These are great! Because this paperwork can spoil machine needles for regular sewing, I have a couple in my sewing kit reserved for paperwork. I've painted their shafts with bright nail varnish so I can easily distinguish them. I love the variety of papers you have used.


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