Tuesday 30 April 2019

I is for Intentional

In our Living Your Word of the Year group we are using a fortnightly (bi-weekly) A-Z challenge throughout the year to help us focus on our word and live it out.

Because of the way I have made my journal it's a case of going with the flow of what background the pages have when I turn to them.

Valerie has written another helpful post on Being Intentional.  I had already chosen Intentional for I because it goes so well with Commit.

While I was in Florida, my friend Betsy gave me a copy of Bobbie Houston's book: Stay the Path.  The day before I was doing my journal pages I read the sentence: 'we are part of a gospel that is insanely intentional' and thought that I must include it in my page.

As well as reels and reels of Washi Tape, I also have lots of stickers, so I went through them to find words that went with my page.  I like the verse that Valerie had used but liked The Passion Translation better, as I often can feel disheartened when I look at what I am doing and seemingly see no harvest.

Here are my two pages together.

Thanks for joining me today.

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Saturday 27 April 2019

Bok Tower, Lake Wales

I took my friend Suki away for a short road trip.  We went to Kissimmee and Celebration.  On our second day we went to Bok Tower Gardens.  The tower is famous for having a carillon and for being built on what passes for a mountain in Florida.  The 'hill' is less than 300 feet high.

Walking through the gardens to the tower

The infinity pool

The Genesis Door

The view from the top of the 'mountain'.

Through the gardens

  The Pinewood Estate 


 Back into the Bok Tower gardens and down to the Window by the Pond

Sadly we didn't see any wildlife!

 The tower from the other side of the garden

Orchards of orange trees as we drove home.

Thanks for joining me today

Tuesday 23 April 2019

Frank Lloyd Wright

Mary and I spent our second day strolling around Oak Park looking at all the houses built by Frank Lloyd Wright or other architects influenced by him.  We also had a guided tour of his home and studio.

The gates to Austin Park

Houses along Forest Avenue, Oak Park

Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio, Oak Park

Openings high up in the walls to view other rooms

The family bathroom - ensuite with the master bedroom

Lots of patterned glass in the windows and on the ceiling.

Inside the Studio

Other houses in the area

The Unity Temple, Oak Park 

 I really enjoyed seeing all the architecture in Chicago, especially the Frank Lloyd Wright houses.

Thanks for joining me today.