Sunday 27 July 2014

Make It Personal 4

Make It Personal is a whole year course.  We meet up with Hilary Beattie for two days every other month.  We started in January and continued in March and May.

We spent Thursday working with recycled items.  This is a page in my sketchbook where I stuck down torn up bits of music, book pages, a brown paper bag and some map paper.  Then I put a thin layer of gesso over it.  When I was over-dyeing another paper I blotted it off on the this page.  I love the random blue.

Here I stencilled over wrapping paper with acrylic paint.

This is the drip cloth from underneath my work.

And this is a whole old map stencilled and dyed.

On Friday Hilary encouraged us to put out all the papers we have made over the previous sessions.  I didn't think I'd got that much until we laid it out on the tables.

There were some very obvious colour schemes going on and a set of papers that you just have to wonder what was going on in my head at the time.  Mostly the ones that had an over emphasis on lime green!

It was very hot over the two days and when I got home on Friday and emptied my car the dining room/craft area looked like this:

You can see why I need help decluttering.

Yesterday I sorted all those papers into piles by colour and ended up with this.  Just need to find some way to store them.

The next session in September is on design using these papers.  I'm really looking forward to it.

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Saturday 19 July 2014

More planner updates

I was at the point of giving up on the planner but I have made a concerted effort to  keep going.

Week 26

Week 27: A really important week.  After months of obstruction by our buyer's conveyancer and their buyer's mortgage company we finally completed the sale of my Dad's house.

Week 28

I think the stickers and the coloured pens make my life look rather more exciting than it really is!  The blank patterned pages are waiting for the 52 Psalms study.

And before you think I've been doing lots of cycling - the little yellow bikes indicate that I've been watching the Tour de France.

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Friday 18 July 2014

A Culture of Honour

Starting with an introductory post on July 31st and then running for the month of August A Culture of Honour is a creative Bible Study mostly based in 1 Corinthians.  To ensure you get all the information go to the Culture of Honour blog and scroll down to the bottom of the page and sign up for the emails.

I decided that for this study I would make an altered book in the way that Mary Brack makes them.  She has tutorials on her blog which I downloaded and used.  I love the way Mary does the writing in her books and she learned that from Hope Wallace Karney.

When I was clearing my parent's house I found this old hymn book.

I followed Mary's instructions and cut out the pages.

And then cut along the front and back covers to remove the spine.

I cut some pages from a Mixed Media Journal and collage both sides of the paper.   I used old maps, old book pages, music and scrapbooking papers.

And cut the excess off when the collaged paper had dried.

Here are all my pages.

And the other sides.

When they were dry I put them all under a heavy pile of books to flatten out over night!

Then I put a very thin layer of gesso over every page.

I made myself a template for putting the holes in the cover and the pages.

And assembled the book.

I will be showing how I do my pages on this blog for each session of the study.

I hope you will join me for A Culture of Honour.

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Tuesday 15 July 2014

Summer of Colour update

Well I'm not sure what happened to week 5 of Summer of Color.  I certainly didn't do it during the appropriate week but I have caught up now by doing it at the same time as week 6.

As before I used my gelli plate and stencils and took the inspiration from my Music Monday posts.

Week 5:  Red, Royal Blue and a touch of light blue.  And the song Let it Fade by Jeremy Camp.

I used two stencils and acrylic paint and these were the 3 papers I made.

And this is what I went with.  I used sticker letters for the title.  I stamped the words on the right in black Archival and then coloured them in with acrylic paint.

So onto this week: week 6.    Raspberry and Tangerine, with a splash of lemon.   And the song Blessings by Laura Story.

The gelli prints:

This is the stencil when the paint had dried on it!
And here's my page.

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Thursday 10 July 2014

A finished project

That's right!  A finished project.  I don't often have those so we need to celebrate.

Here are 91 to 100.

Day 91 Solva harbour at dusk

Day 92 A visit (probably our last) to the rock that Roger and Andy used to walk to when Andy was little. And where Andy proposed to Naomi

Day 93 Sea bass. Dinner with friends to say goodbye to Pembrokeshire

Day 94 The sea from the Pembrokeshire Coast Path

Day 95 Relaxing back home after a tiring few days completing the sale of my Dad's house

Day 96.  I cheated a bit with this one.   I didn't feel at all well so I sat and watched stage 1 of the Tour de France on the TV all day.  This is my photo of Reeth from 2012 which the tour went through.

Day 97 A busy week is over and my planner is up to date

Day 98  A new colour for my nails. Plus a Skype call with Kenny & Betsy made me very happy but forgot to take a photo

Day 99 Waffle, maple syrup & bacon and a fruit smoothie. Yummy. At Shake, Waffle & Roll

Day 100 Celebrating the sale of Dad's house with my Life group. Additionally celebrating #100 of #100happydays.

And it's done.  100 photos over 100 days.

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