Saturday, 16 October 2021

NWYN Concertina Book

As I told you in a previous post, the second session of Notice What You Notice was looking at a photo of an item provided by Christine, rather than an object or photo I owned and therefore knew something about.

It's been quite difficult to photograph the concertina book so I've made this video.  The first half is the front of the book and the second half is the back.

I tried to take photos so you could see through the holes to the pages behind.

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Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Journal update August and September

It's hard to believe it's over 2 months since I last did a Journal Update.  I have mostly kept up with it although interest is waning.  That's not unusal to be honest.  Most years I've lost interest by June.

I tend to fill in the calendar at the end of the month to record what I've done.  This might change now there's less likelihood of cancellations.

Here's one of my diary pages.  I fill in the gaps with photos from the month.

My To Do lists.  Rather than list what I'll do in each day I list the aim for the whole week.  This gives me flexibility.

I also use photos of my grandchildren in the spaces but I don't share those online.

September is the last of the Dutch doot cutoutsand even with this one I glued it to the page behind!

At last - in person workshops on the calendar

September diary pages

To Do pages

January to December completely filled the book.  I bought a new one which I hope will last right through 2022.  As Valerie isn't repeating Plan With Me in 2022 so I shall only be doing the calendar, diary pages and To Do lists.  I thought I would do that from this month onward.


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Saturday, 9 October 2021

Notice What You Notice 2

Previously on Notice What You Notice we looked at an object or photo of our own. (Can you tell I've been binge watching a tv series - actually several series of Project Runway! They always start with Previously on ...)

This month Christine provided us with photos of 3 items to choose from.  I chose this one.

What do you think is in the photo?

I thought it was a plank of wood.

Christine told me she thinks it's some sort of leaf, but now I'm wondering whether it's the bark of a palm tree.  Yes! They have palm trees in Eastbourne!

Anyway!  We were asked to make a concertina book and then to make marks that we had observed in our chosen object.

Here are my pages to date:

I mopped up the pages with paper towels

I'm going to collage bits of the paper towels into the concertina book.

Watch this space!

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Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Textile Explorations

Liske has started a new year of Art Textiles Groups.  This year's theme is Textile Explorations and has come out of her 100 day project where she made little collages each day using different techniques.

I took along for inspiration my Venice based Concertina sketchbook and some remnants of fabrics I have used for my Venice hangings.

I made 4 little collages during the workshop.  They are all 10cms square.

Back home it dawned on me that I had my 30 days of collage book.  So I looked through that and made some more fabric collages. 

I also added other bits to the original 4 squares and started stitching them.

I could have made quite a few more but I think I need to do more stitching to these before that.

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Saturday, 2 October 2021

Lots of work

When I was at Committed to Cloth, I pinned all the fabrics I was happy with up on the design wall.  I grouped together the fabrics I had printed at the same time for the most part, but because on the whole I stick to the same limited palette most fabrics go with something else.

I tend to have the Venice or Florida colours of pale blues, turquoise and shades of orange and the canal themed fabrics of petrol blue/green and rust.

I started cutting up the fabrics.  Firstly I cut the those fabrics that could make hangings just as they were starting with these that look like bridges., viaducts or aquaducts.

I took the two fabrics on the right of this photo and cut them both into strips.

I took the strips and randomly put them back together by pinning them on the design wall.  The next task is to machine stitch the strips together and then decide what to do next!

Next I took this breakdown printed fabric and cut it into strips.

And assembled the strips ready to machine.

I took these fabrics and cut them into strips.

And yet again reassembled the strips on the design wall.

Leslie made a suggestion to swap two pieces.  Can you tell which they are?

So now I have a lot of work to do!  I just hope I have enough thread!

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Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Committed to Cloth

As a thank you for demonstrating printing techniques at the Festival of Quilts the team was invited to spend a day or days at the Committed to Cloth studio.  I had 3 days available but ended up only using two of them, spending the third day as a day out with Roger.

I took with me all the fabrics that I have printed using breakdown printing, either at Committed to Cloth or at Urban Studio North with Leah Higgins.

Leslie and I looked at all my fabrics and took out those that needed more work.  So on day one I printed over the existing fabric using procion dyes.

Above: the original printed fabric from C2C 2018   Below: Over printed and dyed.  Still not a fan of the fabric

1m x 1.5m

Above part of the origianl fabric printed in 2018 which I thought was too bright.

Below mark making with black dye.  The photograph doesn't show the true colour of the fabric - it is much nearer the colour of the original.

1m square

Above: the original print which had too much white.

Below: with added texture

1m x 0.5m

Above:  the fabric was too pale.  I think the photo above was taken before the print paste was washed out as the fabric was definitely paler than this.

Below: added turquoise and a different screen

1m x 1.5m

Above: part of the original print.  Photo taken before it was washed out.

Below: added colour.  Not sure about it, but I expect it will be fin once it's cut up.

1m x 0.5m 

Next time: all about the fabrics I cut up and reassembled!

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