Tuesday 30 November 2021

More fabric collages

Last week we were back at Littleheath Barn for the next session of Textile Explorations.  Liske suggested some ideas for experimenting.  One of which was to use water soluble fabric.

They have yet to be cut down to 10cm square.  And I'm not sure what backing fabric I'm going to use.

A second suggestion was making two contrasting squares and cutting them exactly the same to mix and match the pattern.

The bottom two have had foil added.  The one on the left had glue applied through a Thermofax screen and the one on the right had little strips of bondaweb ironed on.

I tried the four samples done with water soluble fabric on different colour backgrounds

Which colour would you have chosen?   This is my choice

 And here are the other four cut to size.

Thanks for joining me today

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