Saturday 27 November 2021

Starting tomorrow

My friend Mary produces amazing Bible studies and in particular I love the one she does for Advent.

Advent Words is a Bible Study combined with a creative response.  Mary posts the study every day through Advent which starts tomorrow.  You can follow along with Advent Words without the creative journaling if you wish.

Last year I put my Advent Words in my Living Your Word of the Year Journal.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do this year and then I happened upon this concertina sketchbook in Hobbycraft for just £2.   I bought 3.  They come with the concertina part fixed to the covers. (top left).  With one I cut the end fold so that I can use the back of the pages (right) and with the other I removed the spine from the cover (bottom).  I will probably remove the ribbon tie from the this last one.

I downloaded some free images from Visual Faith Ministry.

I found some scrapbooking papers I had stashed away.  Not at all Christmassy, but all my Christmas stash is packed away in storage with all the Church Studio resources whilst we have no building.

I printed out the words in a font called FilledABC.  I don't usually like words to be in capitals but I thought I would go with these.

I've set up the journal ready for tomorrow.  It's mostly still black and white.  I will colour in the images from Visual Faith.

Each week will have a layout like this - with the candle wreath and the words for the coming week.  I will colour each candle flame on the appropriate weeks.

And here are my pages prepped ready to begin.

I still haven't found a way to take decent photos of concertina journals.  I think I will make that my mission for the next 4 weeks - to master taking photos of my journals.

Will you be celebrating Advent or recording December in some way?  December Daily and Journal Your Christmas are popular ways.

Thanks for joining me today.

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  1. This is wonderful, Bernice! I love concertina journals. And all of the elements you have found will make your journal beautiful, meaningful and easy to keep up with. I look forward to seeing your addition of color to the pages. Have fun with this as you meditate on God's Word!


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