Saturday 29 May 2021

Colour families day 3

On Tuesday I told you about the first two days of the Colour Families workshop.  On the last day I took my Venice Sketchbook with me.  I wanted to try to colour match a colour family to be able to produce fabric I could use for a piece inspired by the sketchbook.

Leslie particularly picked up on this section

 And in particular the window section

I started by using Dark Brown procion dye and Charcoal made from equal parts Dark Brown and Royal Blue to make this colour family.

This family is paler.  I added 2 teaspoons of print paste to every tub.

Then I added a small amount of turquoise to every tub - a dribble of dye while I counted 1 2 3.  Not a very accurate way to do it!  Plus I really didn't mix some of dyes together very well.

Using a roller I put the dye onto a cotton/silk mixture fabric.

I'm not sure how I'm going to stitch it.  I want to leave it as a whole cloth but it is a very lightweight fabric so need to think about how I am going to proceed.

I painted another piece of fabric which also needs some thought.

I feel I want to leave it as a whole piece and possibly stretch it over canvas.  It's the stitching that needs thinking about.

Or maybe I could cut it up and piece it in some way with this one from the last blog post.

Decisions! Decisions!

Thank you for joining me today

Tuesday 25 May 2021

Colour families

Last week I went to a three day workshop called Colour Families and Mark Making led by Leslie Morgan from Committed to Cloth.  She rarely teaches outside of her own studio so we were extremely fortunate that she agreed to teach at Littleheath Barn Studio.

A colour family is where you take two colours of procion dyes and mix them them together using a matrix.  Can you guess what colour I used?

Actually it was't turquoise on the first day!  I used Golden Yellow and Scarlet in equal parts to make an Orange (top left) and mixed this with black (bottom right).  Each colour that you mix is scraped on to soda-soaked cotton to keep a record of the colours.

This is the fabric washed out, ironed, cut up and stuck into my sketchbook.

During the first two days I concentrated on the Golden Yellow/Scarlet mix to black, then turquoise and then a turquoise/black mix.   The first one is a paler version of the family above.  To achieve this I added 4 teaspoons of print paste to each pot of the colours.

A new family using Scarlet/Golden Yellow and Turquoise.

And lastly in this series, Golden Yellow/Scarlet with a mix of 2 parts Turquoise and 1 part Black.

I used the colours in the pots to scrape onto larger pieces of cotton fabric.  This was the first family I made.  The photo was taken after it was washed out and ironed.

This was done with the last family shown above.  This is what the colours looked like whilst the dye was wet.

This is the same fabric washed and ironed.

The next two photos show two pieces I also scraped dye onto and printed on.  I used larger pieces of fabric and cut each of them in two.  Half I washed and ironed and you can see below after two days of 'batching'*.  The other half of each piece has been left to batch for longer to see if it makes any difference to the colour if you leave it soak in longer.

I'll tell you about day 3 next time.

Thanks for joining me today.

*Batching is a process where you leave dry dyed fabric rolled up in plastic for several days to allow the dye to sink into the fabric.

Saturday 22 May 2021

Machines, cogs & wheels

Earlier this month I shared some photos based on the theme of Lines.  This time I'm going to look at the folder labelled Machines.  Looking at the photos perhaps I should have named it Cogs & Wheels.

Thanks for joining me today

Tuesday 18 May 2021

Foodie Fotos

Oh YES!  The photgraphy group ladies met in person.  IN MY HOUSE!  Sooooo excited.We were last able to meet in person in February 2020.

And the theme for this month was food and drink.  I yet again raided the archives as I still hadn't been out of the house much - certainly not out to eat.  After we chose the subject we saw these amazing photos.

It's 'old hat' now, but this was the first time I ever saw this on a cup of coffee.  I know! I don't get out much!  Actually it's just that I don't like the coffee in places like Costa or Starbucks so don't go in them.  Having said I don't get out much - it was in Montreal.  So I do really - just not to coffee shops!

Spices in Marrakesh

Octopus on a market stall in Melbourne.

Christmas Day lunch in Funchal, Madeira

Food still growing on the trees!  Madeira

Breakfast in Canada

Fruit in a market in Kowloon

I enjoyed looking back through my photos.  Even if I can't travel physically, it enable me to travel through my memories.

Thanks for joining me today.

Saturday 15 May 2021

A new piece

Last month I showed you how I had added printed layers to my fabrics for Text Texture Textile.  On Thursday at the session at Littleheath Barn I started a new piece of work using the fabrics.

I started - let's all say it together - by cutting up the fabrics.

Then I started sewing them together - just picking randomly from the pile.

After ironing them I cut them into 6 inch wide strips and 4 inch wide strips.

As each strip grew I pinned them on the wall.

When I got home I pinned them onto the design wall - actually a drop cloth hanging from a wardrobe!

I cut up the larger pieces I had machined together (on the left and right of the above picture) and finished machining all the pieces together.

I'm going to leave it  hanging up for a while so I can think about what I shall do next.

Thanks for joining me today