Tuesday 11 May 2021

Tips for making a book

When I was awake in the early hours of Saturday morning, I was trying to work out how to make the pages I've made that I showed you in A Venetian Return into a book.

I realised that I don't really do things in the most logical order so I thought for my benefit, and for anyone who finds it useful, I would jot down here a more useful and logical way to go about things.

Make decisions before you start!
I tend to just start without really thinking what I want the end result to be!

Size and shape
Decide what size you want your finished book to be.  A4, A5, A6?  Do you want it to be portrait or landscape?

What sort of paper are you going to use?  Or maybe you're going to make a fabric book!

Do you want the pages to be all the same size?  Do you want neatly cut edges or torn and distressed edges?

Colour scheme
Are you going to choose a limited palette or use whatever comes to hand?

Is you book going to have a theme or just have random pages?

How are you going to put the book together?  Use signatures sewn together?  Use book rings or ribbons through punched holes?

Make the book first?
Are you going to make the book first and work into it?  Or just make pages and put them together?

There are many other questions to ask yourself, but this is probably enough to be going on with.

Thanks for joining me today


  1. This is a really helpful post. I'm still living in a chaos of boxes having very recently retired and moved house. But once all is straight I shall have a workspace where I can do craft work - "Little books" are on my list

  2. Thank you. So pleased it's useful


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