Saturday 29 May 2021

Colour families day 3

On Tuesday I told you about the first two days of the Colour Families workshop.  On the last day I took my Venice Sketchbook with me.  I wanted to try to colour match a colour family to be able to produce fabric I could use for a piece inspired by the sketchbook.

Leslie particularly picked up on this section

 And in particular the window section

I started by using Dark Brown procion dye and Charcoal made from equal parts Dark Brown and Royal Blue to make this colour family.

This family is paler.  I added 2 teaspoons of print paste to every tub.

Then I added a small amount of turquoise to every tub - a dribble of dye while I counted 1 2 3.  Not a very accurate way to do it!  Plus I really didn't mix some of dyes together very well.

Using a roller I put the dye onto a cotton/silk mixture fabric.

I'm not sure how I'm going to stitch it.  I want to leave it as a whole cloth but it is a very lightweight fabric so need to think about how I am going to proceed.

I painted another piece of fabric which also needs some thought.

I feel I want to leave it as a whole piece and possibly stretch it over canvas.  It's the stitching that needs thinking about.

Or maybe I could cut it up and piece it in some way with this one from the last blog post.

Decisions! Decisions!

Thank you for joining me today

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