Monday 30 June 2014


Days 84 to 90.  My penultimate post for #100happydays.

Day 84  Honour blog written. Just need to transfer it all to the blog. I'd love to say it was deliberatley blurred so you can't get a sneak peek but I don't think that was the case!

Day 85  Honour blog posts finished and scheduled

Day 86  Catching up with Documented Life Project

Day 87  The honeysuckle in our garden

Day 88   Watching Andy Murray winning at Wimbledon.  I possibly should have got out of my chair and taken the photo nearer the television.

Day 89   New journal pages in the making Mary Brack style

Day 90   Finished making my journal for my Culture of Honour blog

Friday 27 June 2014

Documented Life

I haven't felt the love for my planner lately.  And I've just noticed that I said much the same thing at the beginning of the month.

However, yesterday I determined that I would get it up to date.

Week 22
I didn't have anything to write on the lined page so I stuck the flap to it.  Unfortunately I didn't do a very good job and it really wrinkled up the page which you can't see here but when you turn over to week 23 it is very much in evidence.

Week 23
Here you can see all the wrinkles.  The Psalms study has been put on hold for June so I have left the flap ready for when the study returns.
 For the June prompt for One Little Word, Ali gave us a progress report form to fill in.

Week 24
As I was completing this page I couldn't remember what I'd done so it has lots of stickers instead!  I stuck a gelli print onto the plain flap ready for the Psalm study.
 And inside the flap is week 1 of Summer of Color.

Week 25
I added a gelli print to the flap.
 Inside the flap is week 3 of Summer of Color.

So there it is.  Up to date.

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Thursday 26 June 2014

Summer of Color 2014

I started Summer of Color with good intentions and did week 1 in the intended week.

However week 2 didn't happen in week 2!  The colours chosen were coral and teal with a splash of white.

Instead I did it while I was doing week 3.  After last week's link to the Music Monday post on Cherished, Called, Created I thought I would continue the theme.

I used my Gelli Plate again to make this background.  I used my new Honeycomb stencil.  I cut the paper down to stick into my Moleskine Planner.

I used sticker letters for the word overcomer.  I printed out the Bible verse and stuck it down.
 You can hear the song that inspired it on Music Monday.

So onto this week.  Week 3 where the colours are Lavender and Grey with a touch of Plum. I used the colours on the Gelli Plate with the Honeycomb stencil and an iStencil called Dangles.
The Music Monday theme was from Toby Mac's song: Speak Life.  I made the page in the same way as the previous page.

Tomorrow I'll show you how these pages fit with my Documented Life Planner.

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Monday 23 June 2014

More happy days

Only 25 days left to share of #100happydays.  Sounds almost like the countdown to Christmas - and I've seen some of those on Facebook - put deliberately to annoy people.

So today there are less photos.  Only days 76 to 83

Day 76 A couple of ducks that came to church.  A friend is posting photos of random ducks on Mondays on Facebook so these raised a smile when I saw them at church.

Day 77  Bright yellow flowers on my walk today

Day 78  Packed ready for a textile workshop tomorrow.  I also FaceTimed with Andy & Naomi and in case you missed it I was featured in an online magazine.

Day 79 Textile tags in the making. A workshop with Angie Hughes

Day 80 Tags finished apart from eyelets

Day 81 Bargains from Hobbycraft. 3 mixed media pads of paper for £10 and 3 foam rollers for £2

Day 82 Ackee & Saltfish. Dinner at the Wildmoor Oak

Day 83 Finished book cover

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Saturday 21 June 2014

Textile Tags

On Wednesday I went to The Bramble Patch with Nicky to do a class with Angie Hughes called Tantalising Textile Tags.

We were asked to take some stamps with us and I was going to choose hearts and butterflies but then changed my mind and took map  related ones and some old maps.

We cut tags out of pelmet vile and then attached calico to them with bondaweb.  I made 3 tags 6x3 inches and one that was 10x3 inches.

We stamped on the calico and add bits and pieces.  These are my tags in progress.

At home I machined around the edges of each tag.

I trimmed round the tags and then frayed the edges.

I put eyelets in the tags.

I put a book ring through and tied some ribbons.

This has given me lots of ideas especially for the Advent study I am thinking of running later in the year.

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Tuesday 17 June 2014

I've been published!

Such excitement here.  Not only have I been featured in an online magazine but it's in the same edition as Dina Wakley.  My cup runneth over!

The article is about the Gratitude blogs that I have run.  You can find links to them by clicking on the Art Challenge blogs tab at the top of this blog or click here.   You will find other challenge blogs too.

To celebrate heART Journal Magazine has a given me a free issue bonus code to share with others.

Get your free issue of heART Journal Magazine today! 

Simply download the app on iTunes or Google Play
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You will now be able to download a free issue to heART Journal Magazine.  Remember, the code is case sensitive.   Please show heART Journal Magazine some love by giving them a rating (there is an easy to use rating link inside the magazine) For help with the coupon code, email

I hope you enjoy your free copy and take out a subscription.

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Sunday 15 June 2014

#100 happy days

Some days it's not so easy to find something to represent happiness for that day.  Not that anything untoward has happened but nothing spectacular has happened either that presents itself as super duper happy.  I had been at a point at day 50 of giving up but I've kept it up.  Somewhat motivated by a statistic that said 71% of the people who have signed up for #100happy days haven't completed it.  I want to be in the percentage who complete the challenge.

So here are days 61 to 75

Day 61 More parcels to post. Decluttering & rehoming

Day 62 Registration for Made ecourse 2014 has gone live

Day 63 Goodies for making my own stamps

Day 64 My hand has returned to normal after being swollen for 3 days

Day 65 A revamped blog launched today

Day 66  Lovely colours of acrylic paints I bought today

Day 67 I made 4 stamps today using each side of this large eraser

Day 68  Not a desperately productive day but I did make some more stamps. The green one is a piece of a place mat bought at Bed, Bath & Beyond

Day 69 Finished journal for the online Made class

Day 70 Gelli plate prints in Summer of Color week 1 colours

Day 71  The clematis in our back garden

Day 72 My finished page for Summer of Color week one

Day 73  The evening sun on the pampas grass

Day 74  Letter from HMRC. No more tax returns.

Day 75  New books arrived from Amazon. Makes a change from Kindle

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Wednesday 11 June 2014

Summer of Color

And yes I know it should be 'colour' but it's an American meme.  This is the fourth year of Summer of Color hosted by Kristin Van Valkenburgh.   You can find out all about it here.

Week One's challenge is to use Aqua & Yellow with a smidgen of Hot Pink.

I decided I would play with the gelli plate and this was the background I liked best. I used two Dina Wakley stencils from Crafter's Workshop: Mosaic TCW348 and Church Windows TCW350.  I stuck the print into my planner which is why there's a fold down the middle.

I used some alphabet stickers from my stash to put the words from a Matthew West song which is stuck in my head at the moment.

I added a zigzag border with a Dylusions stamp and some music using a Kasiercraft stamp.  I drew round the letters with a white pen.

I featured this song on my new blog Called, Cherished, Created.

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