Monday 9 June 2014

More happy days

Last time I shared the photos from #100happydays there were rather a lot of photos so this time I thought I wouldn't wait so long to share the next ones.

So here are days 45 to 60

Day 45 Smoked Salmon and Prawn Cocktail in a jar.  The starter at dinner.

Day 46 Red Snapper & Couscous somewhat out of focus for dinner

Day 47 A workshop with Anne Brooke. Her gorgeous work on the wall

Day 48 Playing in my sketchbook

Day  49 Manicure, Gel nails, Facial, Full Massage and a FaceTime call with Andy & Naomi. Oh happy day!

Day 50 Journal and embellishments made for the online class I'm teaching later in the year

Day 51 Packed and ready for a 2 day art & textiles workshop

 Day 52 Screen printed fabrics from day 1 of a workshop

Day 53 sketchbook page from 2nd day of the workshop

Day 54 Giveaway for the course I'm teaching on

Day 55 A duck adopting a puddle as a duck pond in the park on my walk today

Day 56 My beautiful daughter-in-law, Naomi, featured on the Hillsong Australia homepage

Day 57 Roger made some soda bread and the smell was fabulous

Day 58 More envelopes ready for posting. Decluttering my stamp stash.

Day 59 Just a bit of handstitching left to finish this bookcover

Day 60  Smokey 3 bean chilli with chips , rice and garlic bread. Pub lunch on our 8 mile walk 

I still have rather too many photos that are out of focus.  Not sure why I haven't improved over 60 days but there you are.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Love what you did in your sketch book!
    And that Irish soda bread . . . yummmy!


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