Sunday 1 June 2014

Planner Update

I haven't really felt the love for my planner during May.  I found that I had lots of blank pages.  If you follow the actual project you will see there's lots of mixed media type stuff going on but that isn't particularly what I have been doing in my planner.

Anyway, I made myself sit down during the week and put together the rest of the missing pages.

Week 19

The action in One Little Word for May was to make 9 little cards with I am statements on them.  I made 8 cards and stuck 4 of them here and 4 of them into week 21.  The photos on the right are the layouts I made at the charity crop.

Week 20

The photos on the right are one from each of the 3 walks we did in Derbyshire.  At the bottom of the middle page are some of the papers I painted at the Saturday workshop.

Week 21
I stuck in a piece of the fabric I made on the Screen Printing workshop.

The challenge for week 22 was to draw, paint or sketch a house.  I collaged some bits from some tags I had already painted and stuck them into week 21.

Hopefully I will start enjoying the project again.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Still lovely pages and good that you completed them
    Hope you feel more love during June :)

  2. Love your planner! I, too, am a DLP'r. I'm having a lot of fun trying new mixed media stuff with this as I've never done it before. I'm a long time scrapbooking girl so it's way out of my comfort zone doing the mixed media stuff. lol I love the planner concept and will do it again next year, but it won't be as 'crazy' as this year's. lol Hope you're having a wonderful day!


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