Monday 2 June 2014

More happy days 17-44

You may remember that I started doing 100happy days and I shared the first 16 with you in April.  I'm going to put the next 30 or so here so it will be a long post.  Just click through now if you don't have time to look at them all!

17 5 blog posts written and scheduled

18 A parcel ready to post. A belated birthday present for a friend

19 Catching up with online classes and a talk at church

20 The first Easter Egg we've had for 9 years.

21 Successfully performing surgery on my Moleskine Planner and putting it back together again

22 Orange flowered shrub on today's walk

23 Tulips in my back garden

24 The skip being taken away from a neighbour's house. No more rubbish being blown into our garden

25 Hilary Beattie demonstrating at the Quilt Show, Uttoxeter

 26 My newly gelled nails

27 Becky preaching at church

28 Finished the machine stitching on my journal quilt

29 Pub lunch with a friend

30 A Magnolia on my walk today 

31 Toasted crumpet at the Church Ladies Coffee Morning

32 A walk in the bluebell woods

33 Blue skies on my walk today

34 Thai takeaway so no cooking for me

35 Being able to FaceTime with my son Andy

36 Finished my first teaching video for the Made 2014 course

37 FaceTime with Naomi

38 My marbling on fabric experiment worked

39 Home alone. Lasagne for dinner and a glass of vino

40 blog posts scheduled

41 My Oz/US Mother's Day card

42 I finshed a layout about my son's wedding using a class I did yesterday

43 My May to-do list almost completed

44 Celebrating our 31st Wedding Anniversary

Thanks for keeping going to the end.

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