Friday 17 December 2010

The final two

I am pleased to say that I have finished my last two of the 12 Tags of Christmas inspired by Tim Holtz.

Tag 11

Tag 12

I've also made the 6 tags for the December tag swap on UKS so they will be in the post to the swap organiser on Monday.

Wednesday 15 December 2010

In no particular order ....

the tags I made at the 12 Tags workshop with Anneliese at Artist Trading Post.   We made 6 on Saturday and 6 on Sunday using a variety of techniques.   Lots of fun and chat.  Plus lovely lunches provided by Sharon and Jamie.   Thank you Anneliese, Sharon & Jamie.

On Monday I went to LB Crafts to take my first workshop with Lin.   This was an intensive day.  I've never been to a workshop that was so quiet.   Not because we were being unfriendly but because we were concentrating so hard.   Well worth it for the result.   Thank you Lin.

Tuesday 14 December 2010

Blog candy

I spent a fabulous 3 days crafting - Saturday and Sunday at Artist Trading Post with Anneliese making 12 Christmas Tags.  Yesterday I spent with Lin at LB Crafts making a beautiful metal panel.  Photos to come soon.

Have a look at what Lin is offering as a giveaway here.

Friday 10 December 2010

Art Journaling with Marit

So, having not blogged for ages - here's the second in one day!!!

I finished a second art journaling workshop with Marit.  This one was called Mixed Emotions.   She has another workshop which she may be putting on next year if enough people sign up - so why don't you give it a go? 

From Marit's blog/shop:
If you love art journaling and are eager to learn some art history along the way, this is the workshop for you! In 12 lessons you will be introduced to 12 different art periods in time. Each lesson concentrates on a specific art period, handling the characteristics and showing the artists and highlights. Every lesson comes with multiple prompts - inspired by the specific period/art - from which you can choose which one suits you best.

Front Cover

Back Cover


This is supposed to be a self portrait but it doesn;t look much like me!  At least it does look human though.









Tim Holtz inspired 12 Tags of Christmas

All over the world there are crafters who log on to the Tim Holtz blog for the first 12 days of December.  Each day Tim gives the instructions on how to make a tag.   Some people make exact copies, some just use the techniques as inspiration for their own tag.  I suppose mine are a mix of the two depending on whether I have the tools and art materials that Tim has used.  I have tried not to buy too many new things but I think Artist Trading Post and Scrap Revolution are probably fairly happy!!!

Tag 1

Tag 2

Tag 3

Tag 4

Tag 5

Tag 6

Tag 7

Tag 7!!!
This was supposed to be a poinsettia tag.  However I didn't read the instructions properly.  The tag was embossed the wrong way round so I put it to one side.  Then I made the tag above and really liked it.   When I realised it looked nothing like Tim's I read the instructions again.  Then tried again.   I didn't finish it because I don't like it.  I'll have to have another go when I feel less pressured.  (No idea when that will be :) )

Tag 8

Tag 9

Tag 10

The reason I've been able to catch up today and blog (without feeling guilty about other stuff I should be doing ~ like going to work!) is that I'm waiting for some parcels to be delivered for church.   They are supposed to here by noon today.  There's 4 minutes left!!!