Wednesday 15 December 2010

In no particular order ....

the tags I made at the 12 Tags workshop with Anneliese at Artist Trading Post.   We made 6 on Saturday and 6 on Sunday using a variety of techniques.   Lots of fun and chat.  Plus lovely lunches provided by Sharon and Jamie.   Thank you Anneliese, Sharon & Jamie.

On Monday I went to LB Crafts to take my first workshop with Lin.   This was an intensive day.  I've never been to a workshop that was so quiet.   Not because we were being unfriendly but because we were concentrating so hard.   Well worth it for the result.   Thank you Lin.


  1. I just stared in wonder at your atcs, wow! I enjoyed it so much!!

  2. Love the things you did with Lin, the last birdie tag and the white tree tag. Thanks for sharing,


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