Friday 10 December 2010

Tim Holtz inspired 12 Tags of Christmas

All over the world there are crafters who log on to the Tim Holtz blog for the first 12 days of December.  Each day Tim gives the instructions on how to make a tag.   Some people make exact copies, some just use the techniques as inspiration for their own tag.  I suppose mine are a mix of the two depending on whether I have the tools and art materials that Tim has used.  I have tried not to buy too many new things but I think Artist Trading Post and Scrap Revolution are probably fairly happy!!!

Tag 1

Tag 2

Tag 3

Tag 4

Tag 5

Tag 6

Tag 7

Tag 7!!!
This was supposed to be a poinsettia tag.  However I didn't read the instructions properly.  The tag was embossed the wrong way round so I put it to one side.  Then I made the tag above and really liked it.   When I realised it looked nothing like Tim's I read the instructions again.  Then tried again.   I didn't finish it because I don't like it.  I'll have to have another go when I feel less pressured.  (No idea when that will be :) )

Tag 8

Tag 9

Tag 10

The reason I've been able to catch up today and blog (without feeling guilty about other stuff I should be doing ~ like going to work!) is that I'm waiting for some parcels to be delivered for church.   They are supposed to here by noon today.  There's 4 minutes left!!!


  1. Oh my gosh! I'm in love with your tags! Fabulous!

    You visited my blog and asked about the art journaling prompts... they will be posts on my blog and I'll have a tab at the top with info and links to all the posts.

    Originally, I was going to send texts to people to include them in what I'm already doing with my kids. The list just got to be too large for that!

    I really really hope you play along with us (my kids and I)! Plus, I still have a couple of openings for guest artists if you are interested.

  2. Ooohhhh all of your tags look fabby well done :D
    Hope the parcel arrived safely :D
    Julie xx

  3. A lovely set of tags, I like your version of the poinsttia flower, yours could be an hibiscus.

  4. Gorgeous Tags, all of them! Hope your parcel turned up!
    Donna x

  5. Your tags are gorgeous! I love the way you've improvised and made them all your own. Beautiful work!

  6. Wow lovely variations on Tims tags, I like all the techniques you have used, thanks for sharing xxx


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