Monday 23 June 2014

More happy days

Only 25 days left to share of #100happydays.  Sounds almost like the countdown to Christmas - and I've seen some of those on Facebook - put deliberately to annoy people.

So today there are less photos.  Only days 76 to 83

Day 76 A couple of ducks that came to church.  A friend is posting photos of random ducks on Mondays on Facebook so these raised a smile when I saw them at church.

Day 77  Bright yellow flowers on my walk today

Day 78  Packed ready for a textile workshop tomorrow.  I also FaceTimed with Andy & Naomi and in case you missed it I was featured in an online magazine.

Day 79 Textile tags in the making. A workshop with Angie Hughes

Day 80 Tags finished apart from eyelets

Day 81 Bargains from Hobbycraft. 3 mixed media pads of paper for £10 and 3 foam rollers for £2

Day 82 Ackee & Saltfish. Dinner at the Wildmoor Oak

Day 83 Finished book cover

Thanks for stopping by.

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