Sunday 15 June 2014

#100 happy days

Some days it's not so easy to find something to represent happiness for that day.  Not that anything untoward has happened but nothing spectacular has happened either that presents itself as super duper happy.  I had been at a point at day 50 of giving up but I've kept it up.  Somewhat motivated by a statistic that said 71% of the people who have signed up for #100happy days haven't completed it.  I want to be in the percentage who complete the challenge.

So here are days 61 to 75

Day 61 More parcels to post. Decluttering & rehoming

Day 62 Registration for Made ecourse 2014 has gone live

Day 63 Goodies for making my own stamps

Day 64 My hand has returned to normal after being swollen for 3 days

Day 65 A revamped blog launched today

Day 66  Lovely colours of acrylic paints I bought today

Day 67 I made 4 stamps today using each side of this large eraser

Day 68  Not a desperately productive day but I did make some more stamps. The green one is a piece of a place mat bought at Bed, Bath & Beyond

Day 69 Finished journal for the online Made class

Day 70 Gelli plate prints in Summer of Color week 1 colours

Day 71  The clematis in our back garden

Day 72 My finished page for Summer of Color week one

Day 73  The evening sun on the pampas grass

Day 74  Letter from HMRC. No more tax returns.

Day 75  New books arrived from Amazon. Makes a change from Kindle

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  1. Nice job keeping up. I've started using the "collect app" and am keeping up with a photo a day that way. Really enjoying it.


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