Saturday 26 October 2019

Concertina Sketchbook continued

In my last post I described day one of a two day workshop with Karen Stamper.  On to day 2!

Karen introduced some new techniques and then encouraged us to use day 1 and day2 techniques in our sketchbooks.

I continued to add layers onto new pages and sometimes going back to the day 1 pages.

Karen encouraged me to get different sizes of images.

I tried to work quickly and to not think too much.  I also tried not to draw anything!

This week however, I did have a go at drawing the Rialto Bridge.

Here are all the finished pages in the sketchbook.

Here's a wobbly look through video

Thanks for joining me today


  1. Looks great Bernice. Lots of work in that Well done you.

  2. I love it Bernice. Can’t wait to do this workshop next year!


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