Saturday 5 October 2019

This makes me happy

Our photography group theme for September was 'This makes me happy'.   Obviously these are only a few of things that make me happy.

I love taking photos - as you probably know if you regularly follow my blog.  In particular I like to take close up photos of flowers.  Raindrops add that little extra.

I really enjoy visiting National Trust properties.  I am very fortunate that my parents bought me a Life Membership for my 50th birthday, so I have enjoyed visiting for free for 20 years.

I love processes.  In particular I love breakdown printing.  Actually I love printing on cloth with any process.  And stroking the fabrics afterwards makes me happy.  Of course making something with the fabrics would be a good thing!

I do make things but perhaps not as often as I should.  And finishing a piece definitely makes me happy.

I used to not like long walks and avoided them at all costs.  But since 2012 I have really enjoyed them, particularly those we take alongside canals.  And especially if they include a pub lunch.

What makes you happy?

Thanks for joining me today

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  1. It would be nice to be sitting with you over a pub lunch.
    Did that many years ago. My grandfather was from Bath. And I visited his place he grew up.


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