Saturday 19 October 2019

Near & Far

Back in May 2018 I wrote this: I have joined an online group called Near & Far.  This is a Facebook-based group run by Chris Gray.  She hopes that we will have a gallery exhibition at some point.   The theme for this group is Maps & Journeys.  And guess what I'm doing!

That's right! Venice!

We each have to make a minimum of 3 pieces - one wearable, one useful and one decorative.  I am going to make a Venice-inspired dress, a sketchbook with a Venice-inspired cover and a scroll book as the decorative piece that will be some sort of imagined journey along the Grand Canal.   I have bought several books about secret Venice so watch this space!

So over 12 months later I started making the first piece.  The decorative piece which isn't going to be a scroll at all.  At the end of August I wrote about a workshop I did with Clare Bullock that resulted in me making 9 pieces of nuno felt that I stencilled on.

In the last few weeks I have been stitching each piece.

All the pieces have been stitched together - in a different arrangement from the first photo!

It's finished apart from working out how to fix the piece to the batten so it hangs on the wall.

Thanks for joining me today.


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