Saturday 12 May 2018

Textile groups update

As you know I belong to a mixed media and textile art group called Traverse.  We got together last weekend for our first meeting since we finished our Destinations theme.

Yesterday we revealed our new theme:

There are two ways to go with a theme - a technique-based route or a concept-based route.  I really want to go with the concept- based route but unfortunately it's much easier to think of techniques that fit with Revealed or its opposite Concealed.   However I have looked at all that comes to mind with the topic as well as looking for synonyms and antonyms.

I tried firstly to make lists of words.

Then I decided to try my usual method of mind mapping (or whatever it's called these days!).  The problem with any of this is that I've probably got enough ideas here for the rest of my life!  I only need a minimum of 3 pieces of work by March 2019.  Plus I have at least another 4 of these mind maps on other themes.

The ideas may be hidden now, but no doubt the right ones will reveal themselves.

I know!! You're allowed to groan.

So on to the next group!

Near & Far
I have joined an online group called Near & Far.  This is a Facebook-based group run by Chris Gray.  She hopes that we will have a gallery exhibition at some point.   The theme for this group is Maps & Journeys.  And guess what I'm doing!

That's right! Venice!

We each have to make a minimum of 3 pieces - one wearable, one useful and one decorative.  I am going to make a Venice-inspired dress, a sketchbook with a Venice-inspired cover and a scroll book as the decorative piece that will be some sort of imagined journey along the Grand Canal.   I have bought several books about secret Venice so watch this space!

And lastly

Art Textile Group
I am also signed up to join a new venture that Liske is setting up at Littleheath Barn Studio.

Liske's description: In the art textiles class we will use the seasons as our inspiration and the plan will be to work on a series of 4 collage style pieces using fabrics created on the course, and adding work from home to suit your skills! Input from the group will help the course evolve and we will have the chance to exhibit at Avoncroft at the end of the final term!

So of course I have to share this:

I think I'm going to be a bit busy for the next few months!

Thanks for joining me today

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