Tuesday 29 May 2018

Monochrome Mark Making

I have booked quite a few workshops at Littleheath Barn Studio over the summer.  These are on top of the Art Cloth course and the studio days I attend.   The most recent workshop was Monochrome Mark Making.

We started by doodling on a page in our sketchbook.

We were supplied with a wooden block each and bits and pieces to stick on to make printing blocks.

Also a piece of polystyrene.  I used mine to copy the patterns from the original doodling.

Liske supplied a choice of blue or white fabric or calico.  I used the blue fabric and calico and printed with copper fabric paint.

We used Formosul to remove colour from black fabric.

Then we were allowed to choose one other colour  I added some darker blue to the teal to get the turquoise with the block printing.  Then I used a Thermofax Screen that Liske had designed but used the teal paint direct from the bottle.

I used the screen again with the copper fabric paint.  I didn't wash the screen between the teal and the copper so got some interesting shades.

The question now is what to do with all these samples.  I expect it will involve cutting them up and stitching them back together.

Watch this space.

Thanks for joining me today.


  1. What fun you are having there Bernice. :) Have a look at www.dorothyag.com and see the fun I have been having too! :)

  2. I love what you are doing with your art making. It's all so unique and creative.:)


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