Tuesday 22 May 2018

Continuing in the North West

Thanks for coming back to find out about the next part of our wedding anniversary trip to Liverpool and the north west.

On the Tuesday we visited the two Liverpool Cathedrals.  I loved that they were at either end of Hope Street.  We started with the Anglican Cathedral.

We walked past these beautiful houses.  Central Liverpool was full of beautiful architecture.

The Roman Catholic Cathedral at the end of Hope Street.

Then we drove through the Queensway Tunnel heading for the National Waterways Museum at Ellesmere Port.

The Manchester Ship Canal, the River Mersey and Liverpool in the distance.


The building on the left is a Holiday Inn Express.  I'd quite like to stay there.

There's nothing like rust and decay!

Back to the boats!

And then joy of  joys - a big ship went past on the Manchester Ship Canal.

We had a splendid time there and as you can see from the photos the weather was glorious.

After a late lunch we drove on to Nantwich.  Just before we got to the town there was Dorfold House.  It is only open on Tuesday afternoons so we just managed to see it.

The Spring Garden was exquisite.

The building was a lovely mix of styles.

We wended our way home via a short stop in Nantwich itself.

What a fabulous couple of days.  Of course the fantastic weather had a lot to do with it.

Thanks for joining me today.


  1. Amazing pictures again. My morning coffee is always better when I'm traveling vicariously with you! The rainbow glass tower was so different, colorful, and looking up inside must be a breathtaking experience on a sunny day. I really enjoyed looking at the architecture of Dorfold which was something I had never seen before. The roof line on the backside is a delight. I couldn't understand the need for such walls of chimneys until I read the house history and realized they were needed for the bakery and other endeavors of the family. I couldn't understand why tearing down the additions would be cost effective when trying to cut costs during a low income period. Seems it would have cost more to tear them down than to just leave them. Thank you so much for the link. You sure do visit so many interesting and beautiful places. I hope you got the tour of Biltmore Estates in Ashville, North Carolina when you were her in US. Thanks again for these delicious posts!

    1. I haven’t been to Asheville. Actually I haven’t been to North Carolina. I’ll put it on the list for next time we go to Florida

    2. That is where my heart lies - in those mountains. Ashville is in a valley beneath the Smokey mountains and easy access to the Blue Ridge Parkway makes a glorious drive. My favorite place to visit ever. But there are bears on the mountain tops so don't walk too far! If you come to Florida (we live just under 2 hours drive from the Georgia border outside of Gainesville, FL) it takes a day to drive to the mountains and Ashville, NC. So worth the trip! I do hope you manage it one day and the art, architecture, furniture, and gardens of the mansion are exquisite. Nearby, on top of the parkway, there is also an artists center/museum with wonderful hand crafts to see and buy with classes, also. I would plan to visit in the summer but I wouldn't go up the Smokey Mountain route as there are miles of cars driving it. I would plan on driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway for the best and least traffic. June through August are the peak tourist months but May is gorgeous with wild flowers on the mountains and September has less traffic then October has beautiful changing leaf displays and more traffic. I like to go when there are few people but NO snow. Too hard to drive for this pancake flat Florida girl.


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