Tuesday 1 May 2018

Mixed Media Textile Book

I went to the Willow Gallery in Oswestry to do a workshop with Suzette Smart.  As ever I ignored some of the instructions, although I did follow the basic ones.  Suzette's style is to do a lot of mark making with the sewing machine.   I may try that some other time but for now I am really pleased with the simplified version that I made.

We were asked to paint some Bondaweb and for Suzette's technique you paint trees or birds or other images onto the Bondaweb.  I just coloured it with two colours of paint across the whole piece!  When it was dry I cut out teardrop shapes.  I also ironed some Bondaweb onto a book page and tore the page into little strips.

Rather than machine stitch certain areas I stitched across the whole thing with variegated thread.

 Then I machined some tail feathers.

I added beaks, wings and legs.

I stitched the back on and pintucked the pages to make a zigzag book.  The edge at each end was pinned as I wanted to add some fabric - but that was at home!

At home I machine stitched the piece of fabric inside the open edge to close it up at both ends.

The finished book.

I don't usually do 'cute' but I really love this little book.

Thanks for joining me today.


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