Saturday 15 May 2021

A new piece

Last month I showed you how I had added printed layers to my fabrics for Text Texture Textile.  On Thursday at the session at Littleheath Barn I started a new piece of work using the fabrics.

I started - let's all say it together - by cutting up the fabrics.

Then I started sewing them together - just picking randomly from the pile.

After ironing them I cut them into 6 inch wide strips and 4 inch wide strips.

As each strip grew I pinned them on the wall.

When I got home I pinned them onto the design wall - actually a drop cloth hanging from a wardrobe!

I cut up the larger pieces I had machined together (on the left and right of the above picture) and finished machining all the pieces together.

I'm going to leave it  hanging up for a while so I can think about what I shall do next.

Thanks for joining me today

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