Friday 18 July 2014

A Culture of Honour

Starting with an introductory post on July 31st and then running for the month of August A Culture of Honour is a creative Bible Study mostly based in 1 Corinthians.  To ensure you get all the information go to the Culture of Honour blog and scroll down to the bottom of the page and sign up for the emails.

I decided that for this study I would make an altered book in the way that Mary Brack makes them.  She has tutorials on her blog which I downloaded and used.  I love the way Mary does the writing in her books and she learned that from Hope Wallace Karney.

When I was clearing my parent's house I found this old hymn book.

I followed Mary's instructions and cut out the pages.

And then cut along the front and back covers to remove the spine.

I cut some pages from a Mixed Media Journal and collage both sides of the paper.   I used old maps, old book pages, music and scrapbooking papers.

And cut the excess off when the collaged paper had dried.

Here are all my pages.

And the other sides.

When they were dry I put them all under a heavy pile of books to flatten out over night!

Then I put a very thin layer of gesso over every page.

I made myself a template for putting the holes in the cover and the pages.

And assembled the book.

I will be showing how I do my pages on this blog for each session of the study.

I hope you will join me for A Culture of Honour.

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  1. This looks like fun, Bernice. I hope I can keep up!

  2. Isn't Mary awesome! I love your book. How did you find the courage to cut a hymn book? I don't think I could do it, inless it was another religion then me but even still.
    Can't wait to see your work.

  3. lovely altered book but why am I always away at the start of a new challenge

  4. Thanks for showing how you are prepared. I need to decide my format too. Love your book.

  5. How many pages did you inserted in your journal? I'm creating mine but am not sure how many pages I should add?

  6. Love your altered book, Bernice!! Thanks for sharing your technique. And I concur, Mary Brack's lettering & journals are beautiful!

  7. I am wondering how many pages to prepare too- I have ordered the rings from ebay (China!) and they won't arrive until September, but I want to start by making the pages first, just not sure how many I'll need.

    1. There are 8 sessions for the study so you need at least 8 single pages or 8 double pages. Please join the Facebook group or email me so I can help you more.


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