Thursday 10 July 2014

A finished project

That's right!  A finished project.  I don't often have those so we need to celebrate.

Here are 91 to 100.

Day 91 Solva harbour at dusk

Day 92 A visit (probably our last) to the rock that Roger and Andy used to walk to when Andy was little. And where Andy proposed to Naomi

Day 93 Sea bass. Dinner with friends to say goodbye to Pembrokeshire

Day 94 The sea from the Pembrokeshire Coast Path

Day 95 Relaxing back home after a tiring few days completing the sale of my Dad's house

Day 96.  I cheated a bit with this one.   I didn't feel at all well so I sat and watched stage 1 of the Tour de France on the TV all day.  This is my photo of Reeth from 2012 which the tour went through.

Day 97 A busy week is over and my planner is up to date

Day 98  A new colour for my nails. Plus a Skype call with Kenny & Betsy made me very happy but forgot to take a photo

Day 99 Waffle, maple syrup & bacon and a fruit smoothie. Yummy. At Shake, Waffle & Roll

Day 100 Celebrating the sale of Dad's house with my Life group. Additionally celebrating #100 of #100happydays.

And it's done.  100 photos over 100 days.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Congratulations Bernice, that is a success!! You must feel very satisfied and I love that other people take photos of their meals too. My friend used to think I'm weird (well, she may be right) but at least she now has discovered I am not alone in this. She read that one chef complained as he saw his plates as works of art and therefore did not like photos being taken. An interesting idea!


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