Tuesday 9 April 2019

Traverse & Uttoxeter

This coming weekend Traverse will be exhibiting at the British Quilt & Stitch Village at the racecourse in Uttoxeter.

This will be the big reveal of our exhibition: Revealed.  Although to be honest most of my work is the antonym of revealed - Hidden.

My Mother Said
This bodice began with writing on paper about my mother not allowing me to show even a hint of my underwear - not even a bra strap - when I was in my teens.   I built up the layers of paper and fabrics on top of the writing and then stitched it to a felt backing.

This piece is called Hidden Support.  It is about my broken fingers.  The base of the piece is made from the slings I was given.  I printed most of the photos I had taken about my hand and my teeth onto cotton poplin which was then bondawebbed to the slings.  The top layer is made from machining a grid onto the hospital appointment letters and then washing away some of the paper.  The tags are all the appointments I had between June 8th and December 31st with the consultant, the dentist and various hand therapists.  The ends are made from pencils and eraser toppers.

It's over 2 metre long so here are some clearer photos.

My third piece is from the felting course I went on.  You may remember I cut up the sample from the first day of the workshop and here it is reassembled as Piece by Piece 1.  The techniques used reveal what is hidden beneath.

My 4th piece is Piece by Piece 2.  You can find out about the two felt pieces in my Traverse blog post: If in doubt, cut it up!  It similarly reveals what is hidden beneath.

And finally my Master Practitioner piece: Hidden Meaning.  This was originally going to hang on the wall closed up so that people could unfold it to reveal the contents.  However I've now decided it will sit on a table so people can touch the different textures.

Thank you for joining me today.  I hope to see you at the Uttoxeter Show.  I'll be there on Saturday & Sunday.


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