Tuesday 9 July 2024

The Vyne

For those of you who like armchair travelling!

Last week I travelled to Surrey as I had been invited to teach my Hanging Book workshop at Wey Valley Workshop.  I travelled down the day before and stopped off at The Vyne near Basingstoke.

I walked up to the house via the walled garden.  I love walled gardens.  There's something about red brick walls.

I wish I could have captured the aroma of the sweet peas.

The poppy heads were gorgeous. And I love the little narrow doorway.

And this was the Summer House!!!!

I eventually reached the house. This was the side where you exit the house after walking round.


The magnificence of the front of the house.

I found some lovely patterns.

I really enjoyed wandering around the house.  The room stewards were friendly and really knowledgeable.  Probably the best room stewards I have met in any National Trust property.

Thanks for being here today


  1. Thanks Bernice we have lovely memories of visiting there when we lived in Winchester.

  2. Absolutely stunning Bernice. A lovely 24 hours of “me “ time


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