Monday 16 January 2017

Adventures in Seeing

I am spending this year following along with a book called 'Adventures in Seeing' by Kim Manley Ort.  There are 45 activities to do with taking photographs and a Facebook group in which to share.

This week's call to adventure was to either photograph a meal including the preparation or photograph a food event eg a restaurant meal.  Well, last night Roger and I went to a Thai restaurant to celebrate Roger's 70th birthday.  Part of the adventure is to create a collection of 10 or so images.   I took rather more than that but I have whittled it down to these.

Prawn crackers that actually tasted of prawns.

The dragon on Roger's beer glass

The shadow caused by the light on an empty glass

The starter - a sharing platter

The main course with rice (that I didn't photograph)

And then photos of the lights and the patterns they made

The candle on the table

Jars on the counter as we left

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  1. Lovely photos Bernice, it looks a nice meal. I hope Roger enjoyed his birthday and that you are enjoying the course.

  2. I would comment on how beautiful the meal, lights, and shadows are BUT, I need to go get something to eat - bye! LOL


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