Monday 30 October 2017

Photos for Inspiration

While I was away I took lots of photos that those who do art or craft of any kind will understand.  They are of strange and wonderful things - not at all related to the holiday in terms of memories but inform your creativity.  I have whittled them down to 24!

A rusty roof


Rusty chain on a boat


 Decaying wood


Weathered rocks that look like rust

Kauri tree bark at the Kauri Museum

Weathered rock

Fountain and its reflection


Rust on old trains

I don't know that I will ever reproduce any of these photos exactly in my work but they will inform my thinking as I work on my projects.

If you would like any of these photos let me know.  You can download them directly from the blog or email me and I will send you the better quality versions.  Blogger insists you compress the photos for uploading so are not really print quality.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Beautiful photos. Isn't nature wonderful! I particularly love the lichens.


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