Saturday 22 December 2018

Trying out things

I have started trying out if things work before I actually make the samples for my Master Practitioner project.  I found some Tyvek that was left over from a previous project and using the instructions in Lynda Monk's book: beautiful bonded surfaces, I had a go with Tyvek and bubblewrap.

This thick piece of Tyvek was already painted gold on one side and turquoise on the other.

Here's the felt, Bondaweb, bubblewrap & Tyvek sandwich

Here's what happened when I ironed it.

Next I tried with a thin Tyvek which wasn't painted

I ironed Bondaweb onto the felt and put some wool tops on top.

Then another layer of Bondaweb

I put the Tyvek on the top and ironed.  Then realised I had forgotten the bubblewrap!

Back to the thicker Tyvek and including wool tops this time.

This time I forgot the first layer of Bondaweb but actually it didn't matter.

The result when I had ironed it.   I was hoping the wool tops would show through the Tyvek more.

And lastly the same sandwich again but with the first layer of Bondaweb on the felt.

And the result.

Here they are together.  I like all of the results but I think it will be impossible to sew through the thick Tyvek especially with how little strength I currently have in my right hand.  I need to try the thin Tyvek with the bubblewrap as I rather like the 'veins' that the Tyvek revealed.

More Tyvek has been ordered and more play time will happen once it arrives.

Thanks for joining me today.

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