Saturday 22 October 2011

Why do I do it?

I expect you can guess what's coming.

Yes, yet again I have signed up to multiple online courses.  One Little Word with Ali Edwards at Big Picture Scrapbooking is a year long course which ticks along in the background.

It's a bit like when I shop at Michaels in Palm Bay.  I only spend a little each time I go ~ using the 50% off coupons, obviously, ~ but when I get to pack my case I realise I have bought quite a  bit. 

So with the online courses, each one comes up and I think, 'that sounds great' and I sign up.  Then at a point sometime later (like today!) I write down everything I have signed up for and find that I really, really have signed up to too many things.

And as regular readers know I am an A* pupil of Procrastination so I haven't actually started on any of them!

However I do have a good excuse this time.  On October 1st I went to San Diego for a week and then to Palm Bay, Florida for a week.

I'll treat you to some photos of my trip instead of any artwork!


  1. I still havent started our Inspiration Showcase workshop yet or finished the moleskine! oh well. Lovely photos.

  2. I've limited myself to how many online classes I take, I was taking too many at one point and got overwhelmed! Let us know what classes you're taking and what they're like. One Word sounds great!
    Looks like you had a great trip!

  3. I am in exactly the same position - have definitely taken on too much and procrastinating now as we are considering a trip to IKEA for a second desk to give me more room to craft. What are we like? :0)
    Fantastic photos though - I have enjoyed browsing.
    Enjoy the weekend x

  4. LOL Bernice - you sound like me signing up for classes left, right and centre. I'm always doing it and then start off with good intentions then eh oh it all stops ... till the next new class appears lol.

    Love your photos, looking forward to hearing more about it at our next crop. xxx

    P.S. Thanks for the help with my blog and the photos - it worked. xxx


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