Monday 18 September 2017


When I was at the the NEC in July I bought some rusted fabric from Bex Raven.   I tore some of it up into 7 inch squares.

I also tore up 7 inch calico squares and for the backing some Tim Holtz fabric I had bought in Oregon.  I tore up some six inch squares of calico as well.  I put the rusted fabric onto the 7" calico with the 6" square sandwiched in between.

Here are some of the squares tacked together ready to stitch.

I used back stitch, running stitch, straight stitch and French Knots on the squares.  I used the rusted patterns to direct where the stitching went.  I also wrote a Bible verse on each square that was relevant to the theme of Pathways.  (Sorry it's not a very good photo)

When I had finished all of the squares I folded the calico over and attached the Tim Holtz fabric on the back by using running stitch around the square.

And here are all the squares together waiting to be attached to each other and the pole the hanging will hang from.

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