Tuesday 26 February 2019

Further work in my workbook

My last update showed the art work I had been doing in relation to the poem 'The Road Less Travelled' and the music 'Summertime'.

I moved on to looking at the possibility of making fragments.   I saw instructions for a folding book on Facebook and thought it would be great for displaying samples.   I tried making it in card with squares of the gelli prints I had made for this project but not stuck in my workbook.

I made it again with collages made from the gelli prints. 

 And the page in my workbook

I moved on to dyeing fabrics.

And then started experimenting with different techniques.   I had been to a workshop with Clare Bullock to learn Nuno Felting.

The instructions with this course include:
  • Try at least 5 materials you’ve never used before
  • Try at least 5 techniques which you either haven’t used before or are now pushing to a different level
Nuno felting was quite new to me.  I had done a workshop with Lynda Monk but decided I would try some of the ideas in her book Beautiful Bonded Surfaces.  I tried out Tyvek with wool tops, scrim, bubblewrap and came up with varying results.

I also tried working with an Embellisher (squares on the right) but really didn't enjoy it.

I also tried a couple of machining techniques.   First I tried a water soluble fabric sandwich with Aquabond on the bottom, a layer of wool tops and a thinner layer of water soluble fabric on top.  I machined one with a grid and the other with free machining.

The other technique involved layers of sheers machined onto a felt backing.

I moved on to displaying the samples.  I took a photo f the samples and printed the photo out.  As I tried different stitches on the sample I scribbled what I had done.

I put in my submission to my tutor.  Each sample was photographed and annotated.

Stitched samples

I also had to submit a design brief for my final piece.  I had decided that I would make a larger version of the fold up book using Lutradur rather than card for the base structure.

I received the feedback from the tutor.  She suggested that I made an odd number of squares.

I had tried dyeing the Lutradur with the same dyes that I had dyed the fabrics but it just didn't work so in the end I painted it with acrylic paint.

Having decided I would make the piece larger I tried out various versions of the squares and triangles.

And eventually decided on this arrangement.

I am now working on the final piece and I will show it to you in a future post.

Thanks for joining me today


  1. I love love love this kind of sketchbook/journal - and it sure will come in handy when you publish your first book! (I'm sure that is a thing in your future). Wonderful work. I especially like the mini collages and gel plate prints.

  2. Thanks for sharing it’s a positive inspiration to read about your journey. I hope to follow and read more!!

  3. Hey Bernice! What an excellent first module, really like the way youve systematically explored so many techniques, your sketchbook will be such a resource. Ive been experimenting with an embellisher too..thanks for sharing so much of your work, interesting to see tutor feedback. Fascinating to see the direction ideas take in someone elses work for a change 🙂

  4. Wow that looks such a good course you are doing. I’d love to do something like that where I experiment and have people to work with and be inspired by. I love your notes and photos of the different stages and the choices for the final design. Who’d have thought a simple square could offer so much. I hope you are enjoying the course, you seem to be getting a lot from it


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