Tuesday 7 May 2019

Walking in black & white

The theme for my photography group this month is black and white photos taken on a walk.  This fitted well with my Master Practitioner course where I had to use photos of a walk.  I'll show you my sketchbook next time.

I walked from Kingswood Junction to Lowsonford where I met Roger.  We had a pub lunch and then he walked back to Kingswood Junction and I picked him up.

The South Stratford canal is renowned for its barrel-roofed lock keeper's cottages.

It also has split bridges so that the rope from the horse could go through the middle and not interrupt the journey of the horse-drawn barges.


I really enjoyed the walk.  I took a great many photographs and it is interesting to compare these black & white ones to the numerous colour ones I have of the same walk.  We walk it quite often!

Thanks for joining me today.


  1. The trees in the background of the canal just before the picture of Nomad Rush are absolutely magical! It looks like a silverized picture. I've tried to Pin the picture of the daisies on the edge of the canal with the reflected two trees which I would have put in my Just Like to Look at It folder on Pinterest - so beautiful. Then my jaw dropped as I saw the top aged edge of a piling (post) showing it's wonderful signs of age which to me are beautiful. What a fascinating B&W array!

    1. Sorry, I hadn't noticed that the Pinterest hover button had disappeared. I have sorted it out so pin away!


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