Saturday 16 November 2019

Cas Holmes

I have just spent 3 days at Littleheath Barn doing a workshop with Cas Holmes called: Stitch-Sketch-Books.

I love Cas' style of teaching.  It's a mix of her demonstrating a technique with her asking participants lots of questions so that we learn to explore alongside her.  We were given some activities to try on the first morning and then we launched into a practice piece to try out Cas' techniques.  I collaged two small pieces.

They dried overnight and the next morning I made two wider pieces.

I machine stitched and handstitched on my pieces and folded them to make a zizgzag book.

I had intended to cut up the narrower pieces and put them in between some of the wider bits.  However in the end I cut up the narrow pieces and sewed them into the main piece to make smaller zigzag books within the main zigzag book.

The back shows the stitches and some of the papers I used.  I can still work into the back if I wish.

Some of Cas' questions are really thought-provoking but some answers are quite simple but you're never sure which is which.

I must admit that several times over those days I was reminded of the old story about a Sunday School class:  A Sunday-school teacher asks the class of young children, "What is little and grey, eats nuts, and has a big bushy tail?"

After a moment one child replies, "I know the answer's probably supposed to be Jesus, but it sure sounds like a squirrel to me."

Thanks for joining me today.

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