Saturday 21 November 2020

More Sketchbook Challenge pages

I have really enjoyed playing in a sketchbook.  I haven't done all of the ideas Laura suggested but I'm happy with my progress.

Painted papers

Painted papers and some papers found in the magazine Somerset Studio

Painted papers and stencilling

A photo of Venice painted out a bit!

Photo of my textile pieces cut up and collaged in

Paper from Somerset studio, a black & white photos of Venice, a photo of a neutral bit of my textile work and a turquoise monoprint


A mixture of sources.  I love the fact that some of the paint on the left peeled off onto the right when I closed the book.  Now sealed with matt medium to be sure it doesn't move again!

The next exercise is to draw!!! Here's a couple of the photos I've taken of glass items we brought back from Venice.

Fortunately the suggestion is we start with tracing the image.  I can manage that!

Thanks for joining me today


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