Tuesday 21 June 2022


Have you heard of the app what3words?   To quote the website: 'We have divided the world into 3m squares and given each square a unique combination of three words.'  It's quite amusing - although it does have serious uses.  Amusing because if you walk around your house different parts of your rooms have a different 3 word list.  And the words are so random!

I had been thinking about mapping my life and returning to places I'd lived and taking photos.  However the teacher training college I attended has since been demolished and I'm not keen on taking photos of other people's houses without permission.  And no way was I knocking on people's front doors!  So I hit on the idea of using what3words.

However, as I mentioned each house is divided up into 3 metre squares so it was pot luck which combination I ended up with.  And time consuming to go through each 3m square to find a pleasing set of three.

Then it struck me!

Why not make up my own three words for each place based on my life or memories.  So that's what I did.  These aren't all the places I've lived and I'm not identifying them here.

Baby. Child. School 

Church. Bus. Lawn 

Bungalow. Job. Mini 

Mortgage. Property. Vodka. 

Commute. Pub. Divorce 

Lodgers. Rowan. Future 

Marriage. Masters. Baby

Retired. Admin. Travel

It's actually quite hard to sum up parts of your life in only three words.  For example, the last three words cover 33 years.  Some of the things I came up with required 2 word answers eg empty nest.  So I stuck to the challenge I'd set myself and therefore lots of areas of life got cut out.

What 3 words would you come up with?

Thanks for joining me today.

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