Tuesday 13 September 2022

Words 4-6

Let's start with my sentences for last week's three words.  Well, two!  I've spent hours and hours watching coverage of the late Queen's death and the visits of the King to various official events, rather than composing sentences!

 So here are my two words.

As the artist walked, head down, her eyes scanned the shore as she picked up pieces of washed up detritus. A piece of fishing net, the arm of a doll, a piece of driftwood, a rusty nail, plastic shards all made it into her bag to be stuck together later. The assemblage would be part of an exhibition to highlight the damage to the environment of the throw-away society we live in.

Those that shout loudest cannot understand that quiet dulcet tones are more persuasive.

And for this week we have

4. Elixir

5. Ephemeral

6. Fetching

I do hope you will join in.  Leave your sentences in the comments.

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