Saturday 26 August 2023

Karen Wicks

I spent a fun two days with Karen Wicks (@iacartroom) and two other students learning about collagraph making and printing.  Karen started by giving us a card with various bits stuck on to it for us to print with.  She had varnished this.

We also did a little one of our own which we didn't varnish so we could see the difference.

We printed these to see

Then we made a test plate using a piece of tetrapak carton.  Print on the left.

Next we made a bigger plate using tetrapak

Inked up ready to print

After lunch we worked on mountboard to make our plates.  Karen kindly took them home to varnish.

I was going to write about both days in this post but we did so much on the second day that I will write another post.

Thanks for joining me today


  1. That looks so interesting Bernice. Collagraph as a technique offers so many possibilities.


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