Monday 8 March 2010

Can you have too much creativity?

Or maybe that's too much opportunity for creativity!  I have signed up to several Circle Journals and Swaps on UKS.   I already host one called Circular Journey.  Each person chooses a theme and my theme is Favourite Stamp.  As the book gets to each person they have been asked to use their favourite stamp for a layout in my book.  The one I have to do at the moment from this CJ has the theme of 'Twilight'.   Since I have neither read the books nor seen the films, I'm a bit in the dark!  (Excuse the pun!)

I am also hosting a new Circle Journal which is alterd art/mixed media.  My theme for that is Children's Literature and the book will be called 'Once Upon A Time, when I get round to making it.

The third CJ I'm in is called 'All My Own Photos' and you send the photos you want putting into the scrapbook and each team member does a layout around your photos.  My book is about my 60th birthday.  It is called 'sesenta' which is the name of the dog Andy & Naomi gave me for my birthday.  Sesenta is Spanish for 60.

The two Swaps I am doing are the Monthly Altered Tag Swap (March) and the Artsy Bookmark Swap.  These are both at the thinking stage.

In addition to all these I am also making a 2010 Minibook which has two page layouts for each month.  Here are the pages for January and February.

And then of course there's 'Something From Almost Nothing' that Shimelle's starting on Wednesday that I mentioned before!

I obviously have no self-control.  Perhaps it's hidden under all the papers, paints, embellishments, stamps, tools and all the other requisites for creativity!

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