Tuesday 16 March 2010

Getting there

If you read my March 8th entry you will see that I had lots of deadlines to work to.  Not that deadlines meant much to any ideas or inspiration I got over the last week!   So although there are dates that all these projects must be finished by, I worked in a completely random order!!

The tags on the last entry had to be sent by 26th & 27th March respectively but were posted yesterday.

I finished my entry for the Twilight Circle Journal yesterday and then packed it ready for posting before remembering that I hadn't photographed it.  Anyway, the layout was about Forks which is the town where the Twilight series is based apparently.  I say apparently because I don't have any idea what I'm talking about having never read the books or seen the films.  However there's a really good website about Forks and the surrounding area, so I was able to find some really good photos.  That needs to be posted on 26th March.

The Twilight CJ was the one with the earliest deadline but despite that I had worked first on the All My Own Photos Circle Journal which isn't due until April 12th.   This is the cover of my 6½x6½" book.  It has chipboard covers painted with Claudine Hellmuth paint and then paper stuck on. 

The book will be about all the activities surrounding my 60th birthday and I have done the first entry about the champagne breakfast Denise organised for me.

And then each person who does a double layout has to 'sign in' on one of the tags at the back.

I started working on the Mixed Media CJ using a 9"x9" Bo Bunny Bare Naked Binder which I bought from Craft Island.  This was the first online site I ever bought scrapbooking materials from!  

I painted the front cover and then inked over it with alcohol inks.  I put cloud shapes on as masks before inking but most of the clouds have been covered up!  I cut flowers and houses from some Squiggly Ink papers and glued them on with gel medium and coated the whole front cover with the gel medium to act like a varnish.   Then I stamped over the top of that.   I double heat embossed the letters before sticking them on the cover.

I haven't decided what to do on the back yet or which of the many children's books I'm going to choose to interpret as my entry.   It needs to be ready to post on March 29th so I have a little time yet.

As for Shimelle's class ~ I haven't even started.  So I'm now 4 prompts behind!  And the 5th one is due tomorrow!


  1. Don't worry, you're not as far behind as you think, there have only been 3 prompts so far with the 4th due tomorrow.

  2. your CJ cover looks lovely ... won't be long until 1st posting !

  3. Wow girl you are keeping yourself busy! I LOVE the cover to your CJ!!! SUper cute! I left something for you on my blog ;)


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